BDO Darts Tournaments + News


No need to teel us your life story, mate. :grin:


Your counting is BDOesque


I’m busy being a father today.


Serious interest in the proper darts this year on here it seems


And this is the daddy of darts tournaments.


100 to do first dart single 1 and then a miscount by the other clown! :joy:


treble 14 going for 11 :rofl:


Some demonstration of the pressure of the Lakeside stage.


The Deller Checkout running here at Wincanton. A reminder of when world class darts players played at the Lakeside, not these jumped up county players.


The comedy channel will be falling over themselves for next years rights, this has me in stitches here!


The PDC boys are absolutely glued to it


We’ve already had a 145 checkout in this match. Do try and keep up.


Great remedy for the post Christmas blues, chuckling away here.


They’re hopping like darts off a proper regulation Winmau wire.


Geezer wins!

Commiserations to El Tel - he lost nothing in defeat.

A scintillating 88 average for the Gladiator. That’s world class scoring.


A man nicknamed The Undertaker ranked 373 in the BDO sweet merciful Jesus.


these clowns should be playing 301 instead of 501


His throwing action is that of a corpse!


43 :rofl:


Hit T6 when looking for a single 6…