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What time is the meat raffle?


Where is Wolfie Adams this year??




a few lads asleep in the audience, time to bring out the sandwiches


I see two of the big guns of the pdc, Andy Hamilton and Wes Newton, have jumped ship to the BDO, and it’s widely expected that many more will follow them in order to try their luck against the real big boys.

The pdc are in denial like the Nazis as the Red Army entered Berlin.

The end is nigh for them.


The Undertaker has as fluent a throwing action as you could wish to see.

But the Widowmaker is beating him up.


Savage darts from the Undertaker. He’s battling valiantly to avoid the coffin of a first round exit.


Lisa Ashton stuffed 2-0 in the very first round, was an even money fav in the outright betting.


Mikuru Suzuki is Japan’s Rising Daughter of Darts. She was a thoroughly deserving winner over the pdc men’s participant.

There’s a thoroughly international flavour at Lakeside this year, as always.


Top class stuff here from wes newton who is averaging a mighty 75 well into 2nd set - surely he can’t keep this up.


Unreal he has upped his average to 78 and closes out that set with a 29 dart leg. Magnificent!


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Ah lads.


Embarassing stuff. At least durrant is off to pdc after this.


Justin Thompson looks like the bastard love child of Frank McAvennie and Joe Kinnear.

He’s firing like McAvennie for West Ham in 1985/86.


Bloody hell, he’s useless.


This is woeful.


Australia has given us some great players over the years - Tony David, Simon Whitlock, Keith Sulllivan, Wayne Weening and Tony Fleet spring to mind, and my word it has given us two more here in Victoria state team mates Justin Thompson and Mal Cuming.

I was surprised to learn on commentary that Chris Mason has never been to Australia - especially given his prison sentence back in 2003.


Justin is through to face Michael Unterbuchner after beating his great friend Mal in the last match.

Two of the great familiar faces of Lakeside facing off now in a repeat of their legendary 2012 semi-final - Sparky Harms and the great Tony O’Shea.