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Any sign of Belgian Super Fan, Jackie yet?


I’m sure we’ll see plenty of one of the great characters of the game over the next week, especially when Jeffrey van Egdom and Roger Janssen play.

Big moment there for Tony. He’s levelled this match up at 1-1.

I’d guess that’s the first time he’s won a set on that famous stage in quite some time, perhaps since he last reached the final in 2013.


Junior z darts. All the good work pdc do for darts destroyed by this week.


Holy fuck. Tony comes from 2-0 down to win set 3 in the decider with a 120 outshot.

It would be fairytale stuff were he to win this.


Poor Tony needs a Bra.


Bras are only needed in the pdc, where players regularly bust themselves.

116 outshot now from Tony!


His man boobs are touching his belly :man_shrugging:


2-2. This is a Lakeside classic.


It’s going to be a hard road over the next 7 or 8 days or so for Sid pretending to be interested in this dross.


There’s no pretence whatsoever involved, mate. Lakeside is the greatest nine days of the year.


Oh dear. Tony is edged out 3-2. Despite him looking more svelte and playing better darts than I’ve seen him for some time, it still wasn’t quite enough.

Jill O’Shea and family friend Will Mellor will be very disappointed.

Sparky progresses to Round 2.


Tony’s off to get drunk.


Is he the BDO’s Buff egan ??


outstanding play here by the undertaker on an average of 97 in the deciding set…


Cracking stuff a 132 checkout by undertaker to make it 4 all in deciding set!


Cracking match the undertaker loses in the deciding leg!


That was a great game in fairness!


Even Sid has given up trolling on this rubbish.


Lad on a crutch playing now


Ironically he’s yet to win a leg