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He’s the worst yet. They’ll have to replace the 1 bed, it’s getting such a peppering.




This is comedy gold.




are you watching it on the comedy channel?


Yeah - Quest.

Chaos on camera is on next


Lots of empty tables here.


Sunday sold very badly. Can you blame people.


David Cameron has just hammered Andy Hamilton 3-0.

Credit to Hamilton for having the guts to actually make the step up to the BDO, but, like Wes Newton, who also moved from the pdc, he predictably hasn’t been able to compete against the real big boys.

Reality is a cruel mistress.


Ah this is great stuff (TFK commentary, not the darts)


Go away ya Heronchoker


Hamilton of course was a defeated PDC finalist and Premier League competitor.


The PDC boys can’t hack the proper dartboards


Sids first post on the darts in 24 hours. Couldnt even be bothered to watch yesterday’s comedy show.


They need those big fuck off neon trebles and doubles


Oliver Ferenc of Serbia nonchalantly takes out 143 to win the deciding set of set against Scotland’s Ryan Hogarth.

I guess you could say he’s the Puskas of eastern European darts.


I have this poor lad driven absolutely demented.


Fabulous Ferenc wins it 3-1!

A smashing day for Serbian darts.


Every year … Comes for the darts, leaves with a dart…


Paul Nicholson talking about snakebite there. Hard to blame him.