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Dave Parletti is a serious dart player.

But this is a serious batlle he’s in here against Poland’s Kryzsztof Kciuk.


You don’t live all those years in Australia without knowing a thing or two about snakes.

Was it an Eastern Brown he was talking about?

Cc: of @Chucks_Nwoko @Fitzy


Oooft. 143 checkout by Kryszsty and he forces a deciding leg in set 4, in which he’ll be throwing to win the match.

And Krzyszty wins it!

A great day for Polish darts.

Congratulations @balbec.


More empty tables than ikea at this tonight.


Kyle has the eyes of a Red Hand Commando. You could imagine him clearing out a shebeen with a sub machine gun no problem


Referees struggling to call scores.


He’s the son of Colm McKinstry of Armagh 1970s and 1980s GAA fame.




Kyle levels things up at one set apiece in this high quality clash and the knowledgeable capacity crowd at the Home Of Darts are most appreciative of his efforts, and that of his opponent too obviously.

Both players averaging around 90 - that’s supreme scoring.


I was just flicking through Kyle’s pen picture in the lovingly produced official tournament programme, the online edition of which is available to download on the official BDO website for a small fee.

When asked who his favourite football team is, Kyle replied “Rangers”.

That’s very poor form for a Tandragee man to support Crossmaglen like that. Where has the pride in your parish gone in modern society?


About 400 people there mate.


A blue nose throwing darts in the bdo. Does it get any worse.


Despite the disgusting sectarianism on show from the resident pdc yob here, that won’t disturb my enjoyment of what is a magnificent darts match.

The Armagh man has his orange nose in front now, 2-1.


Handy player the bluenose.


Kyle has a very stylish haircut.

Chris is fighting hard to stay on dry land, however, and he has levelled matters at 2-2.

We have a bona fide Lakeside classic on our hands.

It just does not get better than this.


Kyle takes out 133 to save his skin when looking likely to go 2-0 down in the final set.

Superb pressure darts.

He nailed that one perfectly like Slab Murphy detonating the Warrenpoint bomb from high ground across the lough in Co. Louth.

And now he hits double 12 to go one leg away from victory!


Kyle McWINstry. :clap:

Chris Landman extremely gracious in defeat, he can be proud of himself after a top, top performance.

Darts was the real winner tonight.

Ky-eye-lll has a tremendous mid-Ulster brogue on him.

Like something you’d hear on Up For The Match if Armagh were involved.

I’ve no doubt he pronounces Tyrone as “Thrown”.


Number 1 seed dumped out 4 nil by Conan the barbarian. The number 1 seed threw a 5(from 3 darts)and then followed that in his next throw with 2 treble 1’s before he hit twenty!

Conan had a decent average to be fair.



Laser precision darts.