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Reynolds is it? Up to 68 now.


Crowd out of order when waites throwing for set there.


Germany calling, Germany calling.

I was tremendously impressed with Michael Unterbuchner earlier. He demolished Wayne Warren, who hit a 98 average in his first round tie, 4-0 to move into the quarter-finals.

Willem Mandigers defetated Wesley Harms 4-2 in a high quality Dutch derby which was reminiscent of Ajax v PSV circa 1987, when both teams were about to be kingpins of European football, Dutch football as a whole was about to conquer Europe, and Marco van Basten, Ruud Gulllit, Frank Rijkaard and Ronald Koeman were in their pomp.

I’m sickened that Deta should be the victim of horrible racist abuse. These people are not BDO people and they are not darts people.

BDO darts, and Deta, have been the victim of their own popularity and success here - Deta, like Diane Abbott, really gets under the skin of a lot of racist, misogynist pigs who are not darts fans because she is a woman who of colour who is world class in her chosen sport. These are the same type of people who routinely boo Michael van Gerwen.

Deta is the Heart of Darts and she is the Heart of Lakeside.


This Bennett young fella playing in the youth final is equally both talented and a horrible little cunt and only 13 years of age.


is this still on?


Great match in progress here between David Cameron and Kyle McKinstry.

The mid-Ulster man went 2-0 up in sets but the Canadian has shown Prime Ministerial resilience to battle back to 2-2.

David is throwing his darts in a much more aggressive and confident fashion this year than in his previous four years at Lakeside. He looks like a classic case of a brilliant player who took time to come to terms with the pressure of the Home of Darts, but with that new found confidence, that brillliance we all knew was there is finally emerging.

The PM leads 2-1 in set 5 as I type, first to 4 sets wins.

And it’s now Cameron 3 McKinstry 2.


Massive deciding leg here in set 6…

And the Irishman survives three Cameron match darts to bring us to a deciding set!

Another Lakeside classic.


The bluenose through, great.


Ireland’s Kyle McKinstry is through to the quarter-finals of the World Professional Darts Championship. :clap:

A superb performance in the final set from the Village Man to sweep it 3-0. Kyle thrives on the pressure and his game stood up to the most searching test.

David Cameron treated that match as a referendum on his ability to close out a pressure game, and he lost it.

But thankfullly for the Canadian, he’ll be back for another vote next year.


Wow. What a checkout by Scott “The Mod” Baker. With World Champion Glen Durrant having just missed double 18 to complete a 116 checkout and win the match, the Mod gave us a delicious Baker’s treat - he took out 140 to win the deciding leg of set 6 and take this final last 16 tie to a deciding set.

It’s certainly not a case of Scott Who? for the Mod.


Championship darts from the world champion as he steadies the ship brilliantly to take the deciding set 3-1 in legs and advance to the quarter-finals.

It’s a mouthwatering quarter-final line up:
Conan Whitehead v Scott Waites
Michael Unterbuchner v Willem Mandigers

Glen Durrant v Kyle McKinstry
Scott Mitchell v Jim Williams

I fancy Waites, Unterbuchner, Durrant and Mitchell to advance, but would not be a bit surprised if some of those predictions come a cropper given the level of competition.

The semi-final line-up for the ladies’ tournament is complete:
Lorraine Winstanley v Anastasia Dobromyslova
Mikuru Suzuki v Maria O’Brien

Russia and Japan never collided properly during World War II, but I expect they will on Saturday.


This match shaping up to be a cracker.

Waites and Whitehead.

Scotty takes the first set.


This is a cracker the barbarian has upped his average dramatically,.


Mark McGeeney, a plumber by trade, helped out with drain issues in the Lakeside last night following being knocked out by Conan Whitehead.

Where would you get it?

Memories of the Celtic Tiger

A shithole pub in Essex?




That may be quite literally gutter stuff, but it’s the exact opposite of the metaphorical gutter stuff you’d get in the pdc.

A truly noble good turn by a friend for other friends, and in the middle of what must have been a particularly difficult day for Geezer, having just been eliminated.

If true.


The boy from the county Armagh has taken the first set against the world champion.


As good as it got for our Kyle, aye, so it was.

Duzza hits a 98 average to win 5-2.


Serious standard here in second semi final.