Bogstandard GAA photos


Poor result from a game last night. I’m still seething over it. Everyone is getting it today. Family, co - workers, TFK family.


we all partied


Uncalled for, give it a rest ffs.


Doyles solicitor was in touch quite quickly on that one.


There was a guy commentating on one of the matches today and I think if I remember correctly he sent a solicitors letter to the admins because you logged a celeb spot of him at mass :grinning:


Wasn’t me bro




That second one is a great one. Purely a psychological thing as well, neither of them want to stand back


It’s the clash mate, you learn the rules of engagement at 8 years old, the sticks are flying faster but nothing unusual there.


You know nothing about hurling mate. There is no clash in most hurling games anymore as it’s not the most intelligent thing to do. In that photo both Burke and Maher knew they couldn’t just stand back and let the other lad pull


No mate, it still happens, not every time obviously.





Is number 9 about to karate kick him?


Was that no 9 recently red carded in a high profile game ?


Looks like he’s seen a mosquito.


Men looked very different back then, how many can you name?


Back l to r:
Ger Cunningham
Padraig Horan
Joe Cooney
Brendan Lynskey
Eugene Coughlan?
Pete Finnerty

Front l to r:
Eanna Ryan?
Sylvie Linnane
Ger Coughlan?
Liam Fennelly
Nicky English
John Fenton