Bogstandard GAA photos


Good, Eanna Ryan is wrong




Galway and Offaly dominant, the wet day in the semi fucked Cork of course :grin:


Liam Fennelly.


He was already mentioned.


I’ll give a guess and say ( guys that piles missed

F R 1st Pat Delaney

FR last Pat Cleary

SR Second last Pat Critchly
Seamus Coen replaces Eanna Ryan


All correct, I’m a little younger than you I’d say, I’d have got 9 or maybe 10


Hon Zoom!


Pat Cleary’s the spitting image of Kevin Moran in that pic.



Is the 12 wearing shades?


His future is so bright he’s gotta.



One from the 1997 Season of Sundays book :clap:

Another great shot from it:


Who was the Tipperary player in the photo .


A Tipp man breaking a hurl off a Limerick man, shur could be any fucking one of them.


Cheap shoddy hurl.


Kenny Park, Athenry. It looks like Kevin Broderick.


13 April 1997; Galway v Clare, Church and General National Hurling League, Athenry, Co. Galway

Looks like Broderick alright. A bit of digging would suggest the Clare player to be Mike O Halloran



I’m calling this picture as fake.