Bogstandard GAA photos


Who are are you calling?


Stumbled across this one actually, pure roaster behaviour


Yer man above in the tree.

He’s out of proportion with the other people in the photo.
That branch wouldn’t support his weight.
The branch he’s leaning on must be five yards in front of the branch he’s standing on.


You’re suggesting that 20 years ago Ray McManus doctored a photo from a National League game? To superimpose a fella on a branch? To what end?


I have no idea.
Just stating the facts as I see them.




Please re-read my post above.


I did. I’m curious what facts you have is all. This is a fascinating revelation.


What about the lad in the shirt and tie standing on the Clare players shoulder? Is that a fake too?


This branch is nearby…


Also, his stance is a bit casual for a man standing on a branch 40 feet up a tree.

Also of note is that the people in the crowd are in their summer attire, whereas the trees are in the dead of winter.

I rest my case.


Correct, this supports my point No. 3.


You’re an odd little creature, even for a Limerick man.

I like you.


It’s a mild April day. The trees wouldn’t have many leaves at that point.


Circumstantial I agree, but the weight of evidence is compelling.


I am a KK cat, living in Limerick.


You are the anti @iron_mike


You Limerick guys,


Lol. Was that intentional?


You could say that.

Life takes funny twists and turns and where you end up may not be what you envisaged when you were a chap.