Bogstandard GAA photos


@habanerocat cleanin’ house here today.


This fella didn’t give a fuck. He was wearing sun glasses in the sticks in the 90s.


In addition, looking at that tree, it’s hard to see how you’d climb nonchalantly to that point.


There’s also a child in red on a bike or in a wheelchair on someone’s shoulder over to the side. Definitely a fake. Well spotted @habanerocat.


Using the well-proven methodology of drawing a line on the side of a post-it, we can observe that the man in the tree is precisely the same height in perspective as the man in the white shirt standing on the stone wall.
Allowing for the tree being nearer to the photographer the tree we can judge that the man in the tree, while appearing larger due to a trompe l’oeil, is in fact perfectly in scale with the wider photograph.
Further using the post-it methodology, we can conclude that he is standing some 17 -18 ft above the head of the person immediately below him in the crowd. Thus he is some 24ft above the ground. The man is wearing sunglasses because he is cool, or at least as cool as you can get in South Galway hurling country.
He is leaning against a deeper branch rather than the more obvious branch to the front of the perspective and is in a natural pose for the position.


Another strike against the photo: It appears to be Horatio Caine up in the tree and yer man from Falling Down standing on the wall. One of these individuals popping up at a NHL game in Athenry I could just about understand, but both men at the same match is quite clearly preposterous.


Aidan Flanagan


Another man in a white shirt half way up the tree.


What’s the young lad behind Miriam in the blue shorts up to?


The Tipperary is strong in this one.,


Athenry is East Galway pal.

Great photo @myboyblue. It was fairly standard for lads to watch matches from trees, the roof of the stand, etc.


Kenny Park was a great spot for climbing things when I was small alright. That and meeting cousins, squillions of cousins there at every match.


He looks like one of those goblins from that Guinness ad all those years back.


Same as that. A fantastic pitch too. The biggest shame is that they ploughed crazy money into Pearse Stadium instead of Kenny Park and Duggan Park.


I was asked to audition for that ad but I couldn’t.


Because Big Joe McNally had fallen on top of you and ended your career shortly beforehand?


Pressures of life pal.


I agree with @habanerocat, obviously a hoax image. Like those sharks in Houston.


Which part pal? You would have made a great goblin.


One of the goons on the goal. They were looking for hurlers that had that careworn look. I fitted the bill.