Bogstandard GAA photos


Racist apologist.


Is it Gary?


He made a terrible mistake, probably not too bright,
But no, I’m just not a sheep.


Racism is a terrible mistake?


My main problem with robbie is that fucking “sport” he participates in.


Robbie is best pals with the guys who cheat him out of medals.
Sums up what an imbecile he is.


I’d know nothing about it mate, you’d do well to drag up a racist comment I’ve made, but the majority of the ‘Robbie the racist’ spouters are terrible hypocrites as well as sheep


Odd how you are so forgiving to Robbie the Racist.


He is a racist


You have boarderline personality.

I know which i’d rather be


Ya, i get very bothered by that :joy:


U want to be a racist?



I would rather be a paki than a dub.

Is that racist?


paki is racist


Very much so

Something you would have heard on football terraces 30 years ago


How? Its just an abriviation


The context it is being used in is racist


You understand context in text.

Fair play.

Could you have a word with my missus


Deary me


The thick Mick just doesn’t get it