Bogstandard GAA photos


You don’t know what you are talking about.


I’d love to see kev walk into a pub in London and call a paki a “paki” :joy:


From October 2013.

ROB HEFFERNAN, the Cork walker who won a gold medal at the World Athletics Championships last summer, has been criticised for a “racist” tweet about the Roma family whose daughter was wrongly taken into care by gardai last week.

In a message posted from Heffernan’s verified Twitter account last Tuesday, in response to a tweet about the case, he wrote: “Unbelievably dirty scum bags. They should be shipped out.”

Heffernan deleted the tweet after one of his followers expressed shock at the comment, and asked who should be shipped out. In a statement issued through his management team yesterday, Heffernan admitted posting the tweet and apologised.

Didn’t cover himself in glory there, did “Robbie”.


Oi!! “thick Mick” is racist!!


Some of the Cork lads are coming across as very clannish and parochial in defending that blatant racism from Robbie the racist.


One of those Cork racist apologists accused me of being insular earlier.


What are we talking about?


when it comes to Cork, Cork people are very weird and will defend any action that a Cork person will carry out, they even defended that nonce Tim Allen and child murderer Wayne O’Donoghue. They are very insecure and hate outsiders questioning their actions


Heffernan’s biggest crime is his accent


Refreshing honesty :clap:




Who is that?


All Ireland winner Greg McCartan, who managed Tir Chonaill Gaels to the London SFC today. Greg will be the place to be in London tonight.


I thought Fulham Irish won it with Mugsy centre forward.


Sorry, twas indeed Fulham Irish, got mixed up.


Yer man on the right looks like Pat Short


Does he still tog out I wonder. Looks in good order


There more to life than fishing the fucking Internet .