Bogstandard GAA photos



Jesus fucking christ
Is that john ryan refereeing a Senior Munster Club.

He is a disgrace of a ref.

What a fucking joke


Probably posted here somewhere already, but on the off chance its not



Dirty KK cunts.


One of thems even about to hit one of his own on the ground a puck for being a soft cunt.


That’s Ted Carroll, Pa Dillon, Jim Treacy and goalie Ollie Walsh (all KK L-R). That’s John Flanagan of Tipp who is just after striking Ollie.I don’t know who added colour to that photo, or where you got it. It’s the 1968 league final by all accounts.

No love lost between the teams as Tom Walsh (KK) lost an eye in the previous years All Ireland final with only four minutes left to play, and kk well ahead.


It was a day of epic butchery by all accounts. I think somebody lost an eye that day.




The eye lost was in the previous year’s AI final.

Great photo archive at this link which has some pics from the 1968 league final, it is a great site and I dont think I had shared it previously



That’s a great sporting photo mate, put it in the appropriate thread


Is that not a hockey stick in there?


Have you been at the sherry all day?




Name the lad in the blue and the lad in the grey deep in conversation in Vancouver


Looks like a Clare yorkel.


Are you permanently on Vancouver now mate? Looks a gorgeous city


Its the most beautiful place in the world, well the province is, bit wet this time of year but the summers are perfect. You’ll have to drop over huge craft beer scene.

I’m a permanent resident of Canada alright, but im not sure I’ll stay here forever


I’m thinking of holidaying in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver next year after your posts earlier in the week, mate. Thanks for painting such an enticing and vivid picture.


Who are they