International Elections Thread

They did take in a lot of them alright circa 1945/46.


He’s seperated himself from reality since relocating there.



Tell it to Ewan you sad old dickhead.

Fagan and the boys still with their heads in the sand.

Progressive liberals getting chased the world over. The days of ordinary people listening to these self indulgent ideological cunts are over.


So ewan is going to move to avoid fascism . I assume Eire is gone thanks to Casey ; UK gone thanks to Brexit ; Brazil fucked now and the US now a fascist state .

He can always go live next door in the socialist utopia of Venezuela and see how successful that experiment worked out.

It would be an interesting experiment to round up all the liberal cunts and send them to Venezuela for a sabbatical. A few months of fighting for their lives for the last few rotten vegetables should sort out their thinking.


You’re very odd.

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Just reading there that President Bolsonoro undid his vasectomy after he married his young bride who was 30 years his junior.
She is a very fine looking woman.

A great day

He is wrong : 55 % is more than half .

@labane1917 will be along any minute to deny this.

Bibi vs some left/centerist combo of Benny Gantz who was the ramat K’al during cast lead in 2014 and Yair Lapid who thought he was the new Tzipi Livni in the 2013 elections.
The latter two are calling themselves the “blue and white” coalition - meanwhile Bibi along with naftali bennet and the sultry ayelet shaked have gone on the nationistic offensive even bringing on board the Kahnists, saying we should see them as “zionists”… im not sure do i need to introduce Meir Kahane to the board and their principles , (ill probably be banned)
lets just say - if bibi gets over the line in may - shit will get very bad for all in israel

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id like to add the the kach party had been banned by the israeli governemnet and this was the organisation that had amougst its members Baruch Goldstein - they even supported Yigal Amir,
the fact that this has been missed and not reported in the international media is shocking

I’m familiar with his existence (or former existence). An ultra-fanatical preacher in New York, a complete headbanger, who was murdered in 1990.

I’m sure it would be anti-semitic to suggest that such people would be out to take down any international politicians who have sympathies with Palestine via smear campaigns, or something.

yeah - Beitar’s game against Ashdod got violent tonite per the father in law as tedi was flooded by their thugs during the second half
the fact that bibi who is now prime minister, misnister for defense and education minister is actually allowing these lunatics onboard ( jewish power) shows to what level he is resorting too,
last election he took on board Shaked and her crowd who basically manipulate the proliterate to rally behind annexation of Samaria along with the ultra orthodox boys who want to turn the country into a Telaban state and enforce Shabbat on places like Tel Aviv…

as a consequence the ultra orthodox (20% of population) and the Arsim ( right wing working class,) are now running the government which is to the detriment of those who are trying to live somewhat normal lives…
israel dosent need arabs - the country will destroy itself -we had the ethiopian riots in january , the ongoing mizrachim/ashkenazim divide is boiling away and the governement geneflecting to the religous continually…
its a mess

Is there any realistic chance of Netanyahu being indicted for corruption and imprisoned or at least forced out of politics for good?

I was going to say he seems like a cancer on politics there but I presume what’s coming behind him is just as bad or worse.

I’m guessing the Israeli Labor party are fucked for good are they? Not that they were ever very moderate themselves.

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