Breaking News- China

What porn were you watching last night?

They usual shit. Grannies in mufc pyjamas. Why?


Was Wayne Rooney in it?

No. I dont find him as attractive as i used to.

1 Like is top notch tbf.

Im good thanks mate

You just know the lads who wont be able to resist clicking that…

Posted this in TikTok thread but perhaps better suited here.

Very interesting (but long) thought provoking read.


Bullet points?

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Something about attention span I think but I got distracted after a few paragraphs.


Could you summarise it into a 20 second video with a dance and catchy tune?

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Doubtful. I was only trying to find out why it just shows me boobs whenever I have looked at it.

Tik Toc know what you like kid

Just ask ChatGPT

I did. It said it couldn’t access the link :grinning:

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Has to be China’s fault

I’d argue it’s the Greens.

Dunphy is an out of touch drama clown


The Chinese are up to something, it seems they have been flying a balloon over the US for the last few days.