BREXIT thread


Instagram tells me to snipe about you about imagined isms? Is that what you’re saying now?


If you don’t want to reveal your sources for your daily cause thats fair enough





Christ, what a fucking moron/loon


The inmates are running the asylum in the UK.


The troops are on standby and the Bank of England is cranking up the printing presses. Stay safe @Tassotti


Nothing like a bit of scaremongering to focus minds. We were hearing the same shite here after the crash and it worked.


Rumour has it the Galway county board is at the same thing


Bruton on the ball as ever. Was lovely to see such a fine tribute from John Major towards Bruton last week at the IEA talk.


“there were very little Irish nationalists MPs at the time”
Barry Mcelduff?


as usual, bruton failing to understand the mandate given to the SF MPs. unsurprising given hes such a loyalist lickspittle


Lovely compliment from one Tory to another.


One of the main people speaking out against the Brexit that you dread, meanwhile the leadership of the Labour Party are complicit in allowing it to happen.


How did they vote on Brexit?


don’t think the blueshirts had a vote on brexit


Northern Nationalists?


I never said otherwise.


they voted against brexit and against their MPs taking the oath


The simpleton Republican policy that was fine and dandy whilst Northern Irish politicians were an irrelevance in Westminister.

SF’s stated reasons for not going to Westminister per their manifesto were that “it’s a waste of time”.

That situation is objectively untrue. The rest of SF’s manifesto is on issues that they can very much make an impact on at Westminister.

A brave political party moves to make changes. SF are the party of slowlearners. Right now they could be helping to get Mrs May’s deal through Parliament and ensuring no hard border in Ireland. They are happy enough to sit on the sidelines whilst everyone else does the work.