BREXIT thread


you wanna spell out the numbers on that?


You are saying that SF’s votes on Brexit are an irrelevance?


show us the numbers


Show him the numbers tim


Numbers please Tim


They won’t be voting so they are beyond irrelevant .


It’s simple enough Art. There’s a small majority for the Govt in Parliament.

However, one example. 3 Tory MPs have already announced that they would resign the whip and go against the Government if No Deal comes close to happening.

Combined with SF, the majority is almost gone. Of course there are Labour MPs who would cross the floor like Hoey. The actual number of Tories who would cross is higher however, with some unannounced. There is about a dozen hard core rebels, with further waiverors.

All in all, the Parliamentary arithmetic is extremely close. The idea that 7 votes wouldn’t make a difference- to a hard vote or influencing Parliament, comes from someone who is either disingenuous or cannot count.

Having to explain this is baffling.


Just because they are cowards doesn’t mean they can’t be called out on it.


so no hard numbers then, just supposition on your part


Numbers, please.


How is that not hard numbers?

She has a working majority of 12/13 (depending on Independents).

7 Shinners drops that.
3 Tories already announced the drop the whip drops that further.

Prior votes show a solid rump of pro EU Tory rebels.

I’m sorry that counting is difficult for you.

Maybe pivot back to the SF out of date manifesto for your argument.


so you can rely on all of the labour and lib dem votes?


So not only you can’t count, but you can’t read either.

The only Lib Dem to say they would vote with the Government was a pledge to vote for May’s deal.


yeah, your theory is full of supposition and wrong; there’s no clear evidence at all that the shinners taking the oath and the soup would make any effect on the numbers.

its lazy blueshirtism by bruton at its best.


He’s given you the numbers art, in fairness.


And Art has run for the hills …


@Julio_Geordio is there going to be a hard Brexit?


how each MP will probably vote

and more, in numbers

But out of 650 MPs in the Commons, the numbers appear to show she will not be able to count on as many as 384 votes.

This leaves her about 66 votes short of getting the deal through parliament with a majority.

short lesson on not relying on the “paper of record” for your future reference.



It’s becoming more and more likely, but I’d still say no. This is posturing to terrify either or both the EU and the hardline Tories into backing down. Can’t see the EU backing down but the Tories probably will, saying they had to save the country. It’ll go the wire though, we’ve another few months of listening to the cunting thing non stop.