BREXIT thread


Gas the way you’re going on about supposition when you theorized that Lib Dems and Labour MPs would cross the floor.

Seems you have no issue then when the arithmetic doesn’t suit you.

This is the reality. Without SF, you need 320 for a majority, with them you need 324.

She has 327/328, with the one variable being the Tory out of the whip.

So when she is down 3 votes already announced, she is close to losing her majority with SF there.

One vote in fact.

You give a little supposing about Lib Dems and Labour MPs backing a no deal. I’ll give you the same on the Tory rebels who have gone against the Government on key votes.

Fact is, it is very close.

So now that we’re away from your inability to count and stay abreast of what is happening there, back to the manifesto.

Statements from SF in that manifesto are untrue now. Their first chapter states that they will fight for special status for NI. They say though that “battle will be won in Brussels”. Brussels already gave them that, the battle is quite clearly in Westminister. Gerry says that it’s a “waste of time”, Gerry never had a problem with claiming Westminister expenses for his lack of time spent there but how and ever, that is clearly not true. The “battle” is in Westminister. For a movement who murdered innocent civilians partly in name of removing a hard border, swallowing their pride and removing their outmoded position on Westminister is odd.


384 but short 60 votes? What are you on about?

We’re talking about the Govt majority here.

Politics moves apace Art, stay awake.


They are Irish MPs, for Ireland - Not London. Of course they got paid as they acted as representatives for their community with politicians/ civil service etc. etc.


did you even read the links?

let me ladybird it for you

The Prime Minister can’t count on the 10 DUP MPs with whom she has a confidence and supply deal

A group of 57 hard-line Conservative MPs have signed up to a campaign called StandUp4Brexit, and say they will not support the current deal

There are another eight Tory MPs who say they cannot support the deal.

There are six Conservative MPs who resigned their positions in protest at the deal, including former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab.

The SNP has expressed discontent, and 35 of its MPs say they won’t back the deal.

The Liberal Democrats have 12 MPs who are thought to be planning to vote against.

current tory seats: 317
minus no voters: 241

labour no voters: approx. 250
SNP: 35 no
Lib dem: 12 no
DUP 10 no

then you have abstensions and smaller parties. id be flabbergasted if the 7 shinners made any difference. lets see when the vote happens. if its less than 7 you can pick a new username for me.


would any British MPs switch vote so as not to be seen to vote with SF Tim?


The Treaty brought a sad end to Irish influence in Westminster. Is there any way to undo.the damage?


Typical small minded local mentality here from Riggs. Playing insignificant Irish party politics over a massive issue. SF won’t swear an oath to a foreign parliament no matter how it’s spun and if they claim expenses and the likes from this then more power to them. I’d much rather the milked the Whitehall teat than the Irish one.


yeah, brexit :smiley:


why would SF vote for something that would lessen the chance of a UI ??


Mother of Christ.

Going on about her deal.

You asked me for a specific way how their votes count, I’ve given them to you.

Things have moved on a tad. The UK government are now preparing for hard Brexit. The 3 referenced MPs all came out yesterday.


Who knows mate, that’s one of those suppositions that Art doesn’t like except when they’re Lib Dems and Labour MPs.


Deflect deflect deflect

Stormount is a UK administration, administering the budgets that Westminister allocate them.

SF once upon a time refused to enter Dáil Éireann. Once upon a time they fought a war with no mandate. Things change.

The slow learners here struggling big time.


Tim is making some valid points here in fairness




Isn’t one of them Nick Boles, who has said he will do whatever it takes to prevent a no deal Brexit, except call for a 2nd referendum or do anything which might enable Corbyn become PM - so essentially he will do nothing worthwhile except call for a Norway+ deal if Mays WA is not supported. In any case the number of votes lost by whatever side Sinn Fein voted with would far exceed the 7 votes they would bring, to deny that is to be completely delusional.
For future relations with unionists it is also probably for the best that Sinn Fein are not voting on a matter which it looks like will hasten a UI.


Of fucking course they would


That’s not what he said.

Seems as though we at the dreaded “suppositions” that Art railed against on MPs moving a vote because SF went one way. This isn’t supporting a SF Govt, this is going against quite a specific thing, being Hard Brexit.

Interesting now that it is “best for relations”. Anymore excuses here for SF? I quote from the above on SF’s manifesto;

We believe that the interests of citizens on this island require that the North be designated a special status within the EU.
In this way there will be no EU frontier on our island.

So what you’re saying is that SF’s manifesto doesn’t particularly matter because UI by any means is the goal? That was Art’s original argument before he actually read the Manifesto.

It’s interesting to see the mental gymanstics going on here about a very simple thing. Even if SF were to talk about his possibility I would give them some credit, however, the response is always “obviously we wouldn’t go into Westminister”. Under scrutiny the reasons put forward are inconsistent with other manifesto pledges.


Leave him be, he’s done.


Keep up Tim, he went on to elaborate in much greater detail


Odd that the media and begrudgers dont recognise this