BREXIT thread


it’s mind boggling that they expect SF to go against the main mandate of the party and the people that vote for them :rofl:


Can you read between the lines there?


Main mandate?

The manifesto is almost entirely about Brexit, getting special EU status and no hard border.

Do you guys not read your own material?



Not Entering Westminster is rule 1 through 100.

We dont need to recognize the Queen and take our seats to achieve our goals - you lickspittle, spineless cunt.


Sinn Fein’s battle is in Brussels and Martina Anderson is playing a blinder. The EU is steadfast thanks to the points excellently articulated by the provos and the 27 are not for turning - there will be no hard border on this island. The battles in Westminster are for the brits irrespective of whatever guff is being spouted. Let the tories like May, Bruton, Johnson, Rees Mogg et al gouge each other all they want - they will take their medicine eventually and it’s not for Sinn Fein to get involved here.


Rule of what? Rules are for party members. Voters don’t take your rule book. You have manifestos in democracies, I understand that might be a new concept to you all though.


So we need to start reading the hidden messages in tweets from MPs that expose your nonsense view, but take other tweets at face value?!


Our voters vote for us not to enter Westminster — is that too hard to comprehend?


No it’s pretty obvious.

He has secured an amendment in Parliament with others. He will do what it takes to stop a hard Brexit.


The amendment he wants is some sort of Norway+ plan which the DUP have indicated they would support.








Read between the lines…if necessary il explain it to you but first -
Do you now accept Boles has said he will not support a 2nd referendum and he will do nothing which could bring down the government?


He’s a fucking coward is boles, and a blithering fuckwit, so ideal for may. Voted brexit out of some sort of pringle wearing golf club snobbery, realised recently that it was a fucking terrible idea, but too dim and arrogant to admit this, so it’s now brexit with deal or “I will thcweam and thcweam until I make mythelf sick”
He’d rather leave everyone worse off in every way than admit he might actually have been too ignorant to have voted in an informed way. Christ I detest the tories.


By Golly!

Another immigrant John Bull lickspittle!

Drunk then.




Brexit fact: There are 208 border crossings in Ireland. There are only 137 border crossings on the entire eastern frontier of the European Union, from Finland down to Greece.