BREXIT thread


Graciously accepted correction. It reinforces the main point even further.


Indeed it does.


Shur didn’t slab Murphy transfer pigs between 2 countries and they went from one end of his yard to d’other



Why would they need more ferries?


Perceived potential for massive delays at Dover if full border checks are in place. The additional ferries will use other ports to spread the congestion / delays.


What’s funny about this is that even six months ago when you mentioned no deal Brexit and a lack of planning people would be said to be talking down Britain.


There will be no Brexit lads. The only question left is when the 2nd referendum will be held.


We have the extension to Article 50 circus to look forward to first.


The muldoons can’t get their head around it is written in to British law that we are leaving the EU on the 29 March at 11pm


I can’t wait to see your pivot as a poster in March. It’ll be beautiful. I’d say you have it figured out already.


Thatcher really fucked up the UK. She pissed on industry, she bent over for the bankers and she made herself the puppet of 1970s mperialists and arms dealers . Now some inverted distorted illogical perverted chicken is coming home to roost. And roost it will.
London disassociated itself the rest of the country years ago, now the rest of the country is dragging London and modern Britain down with it.
It’s beautifully ironic that a crowd of spoilt Eton tramps are the architects of this fiasco. Scum like Cameron and Boris, the sort of filth that would think nothing of justifying murder on any foreign shore that they thought could bolster their notion of empire.
Hell rub it up the bastards.


Go to bed mate.


He’s moving to the US sure


Brexit means Brexit lads. All you cheer leading oirish gobshites are in for a very serious awakening


I wouldn’t ever underestimate the brits. But if they come through this it will have nothing to do with the establishment and their lackeys.


You’re having some craic in New York.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: what kind of an operation are they running over there at all @Tassotti




Ah jaysus :rofl::rofl: