BREXIT thread


This you @labane1917?


Sounds like labane level reasoning anyway :smiley:




Never mind the nutcase @sidney, look at the two douchebags who liked the post, both fellow tampon suckers no doubt.




I found the sensationalism and hysterical reporting in the oirish media of brexit, fascinating to watch


@labane1917 has been TRIGGERED!


The same crowd that had to go with the begging bowl to the IMF and ECB in 2008 and will be taking it up the ass for the next 50 years. You simply couldn’t make it up.


Homophobic post


If you drown in the English channel you’re entitled to free prawn crackers. The brits have thought of everything


Yea but you’d probably have to pay duty on them.



Its alright lads the DUP have it sussed.

DUP: ‘It is becoming clearer by the day that no one is ever going to build a border’



Classy bunch of lads



The Brits are losing the plot.


I think they’ve lost it chief. The whole place is imploding.


It’s hard to imagine these lads were once a great Empire. Some of these Etonian types steering the country into rocks are almost unbelievable in their stupidity. You have lads then coming on here sneering at the Oirish. You genuinely couldn’t make it up.


Shur, all you have to do is listen to Dodds and Wilson up north. Look at it, it’s their royal blood practise. If you keep riding your cousin, eventually you end up with a dodgy copy. Years of inbreeding has got them to this point