BREXIT thread


The only hope for them now is for the yellow vested proletariat to rise now and put Corbyn in to power.


Get this, the lorry drivers are being paid 550 each.


Is it generating much fear and anxiety on the ground over in Manchester?
I was in Brighton at Christmas and it was the main topic of conversation. Those I met seemed quiet embarrassed by it all.


The folk who work for a living are by and large mortified. They are shouted down by the loudmouthed fools.


Tick tock.


Surely you don’t mean @Tassotti and the Oirish brigade on here?


It would be easier to find a straight person in Brighton than a Brexiteer.


Why is it so hard for people to understand that southern England voted overwhelmingly to remain?


A 2 second google shows thats wrong


By population?
Where do you think the majority of people that voted remain in England live?


If you take southern England as Greater London, the South East and South West regional constituencies as used in European elections, it voted 51% remain so hardly overwhelmingly. If you consider the East of England region, which includes parts of Essex as well as Suffolk and Norfolk to be also Southern England, the overall result was to leave.


This could explain it. Ergotism led to the French Revolution.


I’m 120 pages into Fintan O’Toole’s book about Brexit.

It’s tremenjus.

The chapter about how the Little Englander Brexit mentality was pushed into the mainstream partly through food metaphors is a work of art.

O’Toole is one of the most gifted social commentators and writers ever to come out of these islands and the likes of @labane1917, @maroonandwhite, @Tim_Riggins, @artfoley, @ironmoth, @glenshane, @TheUlteriorMotive and @HBV could really open their minds and become more educated and open-minded and less fearful, insular and bigoted by reading some of his stuff.


Ffs sid. I’ve read enough of him to know when your codging him!
I like him, I don’t always agree with him but he’s well able to throw a sentence together. More I can’t say.


I’m about 100 pages through it currently. A great read


Personally I am finding it a dull book laden with cliche ridden nonsense about the English. @Sidney


And you get enough of that on here


Have only speed read Heroic Failure as yet. Some of its cultural analysis is interesting, even though a lot of it is ‘shooting fish in a barrel’ type stuff. Still, I am glad those fish got blasted.

Two things, though:

1 A writer named William Davies published an essay in the LRB last March on the attraction of Brexit ‘pain’ for a certain kind of English person. FO’T seems highly influenced by this essay but does not acknowledge it. Or maybe my speed reading missed an acknowledgement. I will be returning to the book at less pace.

2 FO’T is one of Ireland’s foremost revisionist figures, going back to his Raven Arts Press pamphlet, The Southern Question (1987). To hear what impact researching Heroic Failure had on his revisionist perspectives would intrigue. FO’T has long been a harsh commentator on Irish nationalism/Republicanism. Like so many figures in the mainstream Irish media over the last 40 years, FO’T is essentially a Stickie, a Workers Party supporter. Being a Stickie entails quite a bit of inverted insularity, as readers of Eoghan Harris will appreciate. More significantly, the Brexit process has felt like reliving the break up of the British Empire. FO’T skewers this dynamic in his latest book, well and good, but it would be intriguing to learn whether experiencing the last three years has reset his sense of whence Irish opposition to Partition – in all its strands – derived. Good luck to him with this publication but you could reckon FO’T’s realizations about noxious and pernicious aspects of British/English self image were an oddly long time in the making. Seamus Deane nailed these factors back in the 1980s. What Jacob Rees-Mogg represents did not parachute out of a clear blue sky in mid 2016. 20 years ago and more, Michael Gove, a Scot, fervently opposed the Good Friday Agreement. FO’T is a wonderful opportunist but there are surely ways in which you would wonder just how quick he is on the uptake.


Informative rating


Thank you. I know the ground, this long time…