BREXIT thread


Is William Davies to Fintan O’Toole what Kevin Cashman is you?




Fintan the tool will go whatever way the prevailing winds take him.


There are far more gracious ways of conceding this point. I will let you learn them yourself.


He is high brow for the low brow, though some of his articles are very good, and at least he conveys sincerity with the prevailing wind, to mangle a phrase.


This assessment is not true at all. FO’T has been most consistent over the years in his views. Too much so, if anything.


That’s the thing though, the Brexit mentality, the finished mindset which voted for and continues to defend Brexit, is an extremely dull and cliche ridden one - one only has to look at the “arguments” for Brexit over the last three years, which have been universally inane and shambolic.

What’s very interesting is examining the neuroses which produced that dull and cliche ridden mentality.

The finished mindset which has led to the abolition of the 8th Amendment and the introduction of same sex marriage via a public vote in Ireland is a much more interesting one.

But an examination of how it came about would be much less interesting.

Digging into the reasons for a retreat into neurosis and paranoia will always be far more interesting than examining a more or less straight line growth of progessive politics - especially in the modern technological age.


Fascism? Totalitarian? Megalomania? Harmless stupid arrogance?


Neither of you have finished the book, maybe wait till then for your full assessments?


There are groups of each. Add ignorance to that, and you’ve got the big four.


this is like Y2K all over over again, a load of bollix over nothing, paddy swallowing the whole project fear guff hook, line and sinker. The EU using paddy to get at the Brits, and he can’t even see it. We need a hard brexit.


Does anyone enjoy the authority that comes with his role quite as much as Bercow? The Nigel Owens of the political world.


Is that not what @Malarkey said?


This certainly not Y2K all over again. There may be a lot of the same cassandra like prophecies but one vital difference is that programmers had years to prepare for Y2K and the work done between the time the problem was recognised and Y2K were used productively to essentially solve the problem.
Brexit, whether it’s hard or soft, will cause problems for the EU & Britain. Ireland, North & South, will very likely suffer more thn most. No real preparation has been carried out for the reality of Britain leaving the EU.


Don’t be talking any of the sense now @TheBlackSpot. The poor Oirish brigade won’t be able to handle it.


Im assuming a few high ranking army men are teasing outs the pros/cons of a military coup


Business always finds a way, everything be grand


The Brits are back to negotiating with themselves.


As long as someone doesn’t tear them asunder by saying "look, there’s a drone’