BREXIT thread


Yep. Business will find a way. As you say, it always does, but not everything be grand I’m afraid.

The way that business finds will have a human cost.


The rationing of food could take a bit of getting used to for John Bull.
The blitz spirit will see them through


there was no blitz spirit

that’s a lie


They’re finding a way alright, by leaving Britain.


The level of seethe from the may loyalists over the speakers allowance of a parliamentary vote on the amendment I posted above was both remarkable and instructive. They were absolutely livid. It’s pretty clear from it that treasa’s plan was to run the clock down and either force her deal through by moral (or regular) blackmail, or second best, to go for a hard exit.
Her visceral antipathy to a second referendum, one in which people actually know what they are voting for, is quite apparent. She would and will do absolutely everything she can to avoid one, I suspect because she feels slighted personally by the eu, and is simply too dim and too arrogant to realise that she started it, with her three red rivers of blood speech. I despise her utterly.


She has committed fully to delivering brexit, it’s her legacy and the only thing she can achieve. It’s not about doing the right thing for the country or anything like that, she doesn’t intend to stick around anyway, she will deliver brexit and be gone within a year is her plan. Obviously she want it’s to be “her deal”. The only way she can manage it is playing down the clock. It’s all she’s been doing for two years really.


Its an awful pity Labour have a spineless gimp as a leader. Otherwise Brexit would be dead in the water


Well it would if they had anyone constructive.
I’m not sure he’s exactly spineless. He’s shown quite a degree of courage in the past. He’s just anti establishment unless it’s his establishment.
And the eu is the ultimate establishment.
He’s also guaranteed a vote of no confidence in the govt if her deal fails on Tuesday. I just hope the eu hold the line.


It’s a tragedy that at the most important point in it’s history in 80 years Britain has its worst government and worst opposition ever.


It’s not exactly a coincidence


The worst if it is, is that there’s actually enough reasonable thinking people in Westminster but nobody either has the balls or the energy to get them together.


They’re finally showing signs of a pulse.
Bercow has been a revelation.


Who was your favourite British prime minister? Lord Palmerston?


Well kiddo. The stable door is open and the horse is turning around


Pitt the Elder!



Corbyn left the door open for a second referendum to become party policy at the Labour conference back in September - but only if all else fails.

All else is going to fail, though.

There will be murder in Labour if he tries to row back.

Corbyn has to understand that the people who put him where he is are 90% in the Remain camp, and they will desert him if he doesn’t follow through.

Ironically I think May thinks that Labour MPs may be more willing to back her than Tories if she is able to push things down to the wire.




Disraeli. The absolute cream.


I’ll say this for Thatcher, and I’ll say no more because I wouldn’t want to.

But she saw the inherent danger in this type of referendum in 1975, as a sort of hostile, competing system of lawmaking against the existing parliamentary system, when few others did.

Referendums are inherently unsuited to the British system because they don’t have a written constitution.

In this case, you had a non-binding referendum where one of the choices was unicorns, which nobody knew how to deliver, because they couldn’t be delivered.

It was like voting to abolish tax, but to have massively increased public spending.

The holding of the referendum was one of the greatest political and historical blunders in British history.

Ireland has never had a non-constitutional referendum. We do have provision for such in our constitution, but we never, ever use them.