BREXIT thread


Aspiring to be a watered down version of Maggie


You’re grinding my gears now, mate.


Clement Attlee.


Thas the one


Clem the gem


I’m sure that’s how she sees herself alright, bar the watered down bit. She’s a clod.



No surprises there, though I think jag-land-rover have been losing money hand over fist for a while because their cars are crap, and the Chinese have stopped buying them.


Yeah JLR are a bit fucked either way.


I thought you liked your Range Rover?


I have two old cars.


I was watching that Sunderland AFC doc on Netflix last night. Every single one of the cunts was driving a Range Rover.


Jonny Williams was driving a Merc.


He came in a merc from Ipswich. Did he stay in a merc?


Simon Coveney can handle himself in a live interview, and show the dup up in the process.
From 1hr 37 minutes in.
“A candid friend” to the dup…and them wanting to rip his throat out.

Good Morning Ulster - 10/01/2019 - @bbcradioulster


Coveney is much better than that spoofer Varadkar. Luckily it is Coveney handling the Brexit stuff and not Varadkar, he would have made a mess of it.


I thought he was in a Range Rover or something similar when he left Sunderland.


Coveney is excellent. I think Leo’s not bad at all as these things go. Granted he’s a taoiseach for the Friends generation, but still.


What age is the friends generation? Most people in their 30s that I know think varadkar is an utter cunt.


Yes but you would hang out with a particular type.