BREXIT thread


Fuck her. Pity she wouldn’t stick her Mickey in it


Mike Mike Mike ould Arlene getting to you kid?:grin: Looks lovely in her RUC uniform



Back when she was crushing the saboteurs?


First smart play from the Brits today. Here’s what our no-deal looks like - no European border and tarrifs for Irish beef and German cars. Dublin and Berlin’s asses will have clenched a little looking at that.


We just need to get on with it now


The EU have already said that they will subsidize Irish beef farmers.


ah @Horsebox is the first poster to break guys

no surprise that the little quisling dolt is the first one to break the forum line


Rogbee loving quisling breaks easily… quelle surprise


looks like the truth is completely at odds with the " I started a fight with builders in next doors house" persona that he tried to create for himself


Another instance where the big boys were talking and he wanted to fit in … he’s a harmless auld fucker truth be told.


After they take care of the French farmers


Never forget that @Horsebox is the chap who ran to the solicitors when he was ball hopped.


Yeah. A right hard man.


Nothing wrong with taking a pause for breath and legal counsel when the bully boys pile in. The alternative is challenging lads to fights in public spaces cc @chocolatemice


Any time, any where.


The first you’ll know about it is when you hear the breaking of glass and the flames licking at your duvet.


What the actual fuck?


agreed , no badness in him


he was in the 51 asking people did they post on TFK ready for a “rumble”