BREXIT thread





It’s a true story … he tapped one chap with a high forehead on the shoulder while he was eating his carvery and asked him did he post on TFK…


I was ordering a breakfast in Finnegan’s last October and I could hear the lad behind me say to the waitress after I sat down, “you’d never know he was one of the most successful posters on TFK”


He should have cornered the chap drinking a Baileys.


Eavesdroppers seldom hear good of themselves .


You’d never know it was you from the way you ordered from the carvary. If you weren’t the spit of Carl Froch I never would have guessed


:grin: Cunts.


Not true.




@Boxtyeater you should start a PLC course down the local VEC. An Introduction to Border Smuggling. The North is going to be flying it if this goes wrong. No border on the island and two different tariff regimes.

“Been spending most our lives living in a smugglers paradise”


No actual demand. Everyone’s already an expert. It’s passed on generationally like the cure for warts…


The EU always blink at the last minute


There’s a going to be a tremendous demand for ports and boats to transfer the endless bounty of tariff-free goods from the rest of the world between the wee six and the MAINLAND.

Every rickety fishing trawler, rowing boat and rubber dinghy in Norn Iron will be transporting Brazilian beef, Chinese televisions and rat-fed chlorinated chicken from the USA to Morecambe, Fleetwood, Barrow-in-Furnace and the Mull of Kintyre.

It’ll be like a mercantilist Dunkirk.

The North Channel will become the busiest shipping lanes in the world, and Ballycastle, Cushendall, Carnlough, Bangor, Portavogie, Portaferry, Ardglass, Kilkeel and Warrenpoint are going to start rivalling Rotterdam as the biggest ports in the world.


I had to laugh at Nigel Dodds there on Sky last night giving advice to the Brits on negotiation techniques. “We know a thing or two about negotiating” he exclaimed. Yes you do Nigel, with a few fucking muttonheads in Sinn Fein, not the finest political minds in Europe.


Have they tried proximity talks yet?

Breandan MacCionnaith (pronounced “Brown-dawn Mock Kyunny”) from the Garvaghy Road Residents’ Association may have a role to play here yet.


This “Tarriff Plan” the Brits have come up with is the most naked and shameful piece of political blackmail produced in the whole Brexitshambles yet. We really should just tell them to fuck right off now.



I’d give them a one month extension with two options, remain, Norway, or fro. No more debate. No more meetings.
I think it’ll end up as brexit, but closer to the labour model.


Are there any open mic nights around where you live? This is comedy gold.