BREXIT thread


TBF, both Theresa & ERG have followed the DUP method.
Total intransigence while feeding soundbites to their supporters


How many last minutes will there be?


We all know when Australia blinked when faced with the chance to separate from the Queen.


Not to mention that it Paisley nearly 40 years to go into talks and their adminsitration collapsed 2 years ago with failed negotiations since then.


What’s the mechanism for an EU country blocking an extension of Article 50?

I would have thought it would be via a vote in that country’s parliament?

A refusal or vetoing of an extension would bring a revocation of Article 50 sharply into view.

There seems to be a lot of confusion about the mechanism by which the UK could revoke article 50.

I’ve seen it said that May could unilaterally revoke it herself, but I’m not sure on that.


Norway don’t want them in their mini club.

It will eventually mean that Norway will have to change their relationship with the EU as the UK are too large an entity to be taking rules. The likes of the Swiss and the Norwegians can afford to do that because they can exploit the edges. The U.K. is too large an economy to do that. Talk of being the Singapore of the North was fanciful Bollix that would lead to civil disorder.


Civil disorder will happen regardless imho.


Heard her speak recently, she is a really brilliant journalist.


On the content though, I don’t think the Italians have the wherewithal to face down pressure from Germany and many of the rest of the 27 and veto the extension.


Banks, UKIP and the ERG really are economic terrorists and traitors in the truest sense.

They’re only too happy to inflict devastation on the ordinary people of the UK so they can make a quick buck.


Salvini isn’t the PM there but the Five Star Movement are also anti-EU “populists”, ie. ignorant gobshites.

The thing is if Poland and Hungary veto too, there is safety in numbers and the clock is ticking. It isn’t like when Wallonia vetoed the EU-Canada trade deal - there was no time limit involved there and anyway Wallonia were exercising the veto in good faith, not the clear bad faith that would be involved here.

Putin is a Machiavelian genius, he has his fingers in every pie with collaborators doing his bidding for him.


The UK can revoke Article 50, so there would still be scope for stopping a cliff edge. Yes a reason is required and it must in good faith, but not difficult to fudge that.


But how?

What is the mechanism?

If there’s two days left and revoking Article 50 is the only way to avoid no deal, can May unilaterally revoke it herself or would she have to go to Parliament to get it through a vote?

Given that there had to be a vote in order to give the go ahead for Article 50 to be implemented in the first place, like.

And if she has to go to Parliament, would such a vote win? Very doubtful, I would say.


Parliament I guess. There is an avenue to do it.

It’s the political cover of that which is the issue imo. I think there’s other possibilities that the Tories do not want either, including going for a Customs Union on the Labour platform.


Democracy innit


@flattythehurdler could you give it a rest on brexit until Saturday? The rest of us have winning horses to attend to and wont be in a position to listen until then.



I’ll book you in for after the munster championship when you’ll have plenty of time on your hands my oul pal.


Would imagine the Brexiteers are trying to provoke a revocation of Article 50. Revocation would keep ‘non Brexit’ alive as a theme for another decade – as a ‘betrayal’. The anti climax of a soft Brexit would not. And losing a second referendum, given the UK demographics involved, would forever guillotine the issue. Most of the Brexiteers are startingly thick but there is, with some of them, a measure of cunning.

They do not want the tabled deal. They do not want to fight a second referendum (because there are so many questions about Arron Banks et al and because there are now too many hostages to fortune via Andrew Lilico et al). So ‘betrayal’ is the flag likely to catch the most wind in the coming years.

Even if they are ‘taking back control’ by going cap in hand to Italy and Poland…


Some people just want to see the world burn