BREXIT thread


All true, in my view.


Mogg is not stupid. There is a laundry list of far thicker people in Cabinet currently and before. His greatest strength is on tv. He does get a relatively easy time in the media but watch him, he consistently pulls back interviews to two indispensable facts; that Leave won the 2016 Referendum and that the Tory manifesto pledged to leave the EU and also the Single Market and Customs Union.

Mogg is outside of Cabinet because of the ERG and it giving them a buffer. The likes of Rabb, Davies and Johnson have taken a huge hit from Cabinet involvement.

Speaking of Boris, in comparison he is a complete buffoon who regularly comes unstuck. He blags his way through life.


No deal off the table by 4 votes


Brexit is dead lads.


4 votes in it there.

Will be interesting when it comes to the crunch and if the same margin swings it the other way. if only there were votes that could swing it.


The only reason the majority is so tight is that the Tories were whipped. They have a free vote for the senior match but this is definitely a surprise.


Brexit means Brexit


British parliamentary democracy is on trial here


Will Mays proposal be voted on now?


Whose this plank on bbc news?


Malthouse battered by 210


Cabinet minister abstained and ignored the whip



The tans are a laughing stock


Farage on Bbc news now


So they voted for the ammendment, which now replaces May’s vote, which they’ll now vote against. Is that right?


Could be a few ministers fired soon.


Amber Rudd abstained says Sky News.




It passed again! Wow!


What? I’m watching the footie…What passed?