BREXIT thread


I was hoping for a bigger majority


They are positively shitting a collective brick in the House of Commons


Putin is the greatest political leader of his generation in the world.


The Brits are the laughing stock of the entire world.


What have they passed?


One Minister resigned in the Lobby.

It’s like Biffo’s 2010 Cabinet reshuffle again. Farce.


Nothing, but they’ve voted twice to reject leaving EU if there’s no deal


Brexit is dead Article 50 will be extended and then revoked in my opinion. Everything will carry on as before and the last 3 years will be like the Bobby Ewing in the shower moment🤣


The whole thing is a piss take. The EU don’t believe in democracy sure. The Brits are going nowhere.



If ever a nation cried out for a pr voting system it’s in Britain. The ideal solution for them now is a cross party coalition of some sort. But given their voting system they are loathe to do it.


Arlene Foster was spotted in the commons bar a few minutes ago



A GE is needed where the candidate regardless of party states their position on the independence mandate given by the British people to their politicians to deliver, a task they have willfully failed miserably at.



Some are Freer than others.


They voted against the deal.
They voted against no deal.
What’s the story from here?


You do the Hokey Cokey and you turn around because that’s what it’s all about.


Read the replies here, they’ll sort you out

This one in particular


I’m confused.
Were the Tories whipped to vote in favour of no deal ?


Well you see.
Once upon a time…