BREXIT thread


Great to see Vol. Varadkar enjoying himself.


He’ll probably go on a bender tonight after clenching that deal




can we lock this thread now please?
the party is over and we’re back to normal


agreed the DUP won and the chest beating paddies have been put firmly in their place


Went over everyone’s pc head Ray. Top class internetting


No mate, it was just a shit pun from the homophobe.


I’ve no problem with people from the LGBTQ :rainbow_flag: community


I think the DUP can claim a small victory


TFK is very homophobic, @Rocko and @Bandage need to crack down on it


Stop shit stirring


Absolutely correct. I’ve had no option but to flag up @RayDonovan’s disgusting post. Hopefully @Rocko nips this in the bud.


Some sensitive souls around here today


Winners here are the DUP, Irish Gov and the EU.

DUP get the best of both worlds and stood up to the Irish Gov, always a crowd pleaser.

Irish Gov pushed UK closer to a soft Brexit. Ironically, the extra work by the DUP has lessened the chance of a hard border from Ireland into Britain as much as into Northern Ireland. Also, as seen by the polls, they get a domestic boost from standing firm to the DUP and the Brits.

Losers are mainly the hard Brexiteers and the UK gov. Soft brexit more likely, EU got most of their demands and Therese May and Dave Davis had a very poor week, somewhat rescued at the end by the deal.


This will be so throughout this whole farce. What they want is impossible to deliver.


Horsebox cutting through the shit again :clap: .


I’m a straight talker, pal.


what do they want to deliver @Horsebox?


There’s are homosexuals posting here and no doubt others read the content. We need to be sensitive to that.


I don’t see how the DUP win anything. The only part that’s binding is the UKs agreement with the EU, the DUP have nothing binding.