BREXIT thread


Monday’s deal basically implied this though and Davis comfirmed it on Tuesday.


Sounds like the DUP held up the show to have a wishy washy sentence or two added with no real substance.

None of the wording that was there earlier in the week was removed.

Arlene saying that they “run out of time” is a weak excuse as those time deadlines had been meaningless. If they had the power to indefinitely hold up the show they would have. That would point to May telling Arlene to put up or shut up and she chose the latter. Either that or their approval was acquired by other means.

Moat likely an exercise in posturing where it looks like the DUP blinked first.



Ah that’s very good.


Leo Varadkar, Simon Coveney and Helen McEntee have secured their status as Irish republican legends.

What a day for all Ireland and Fine Gael.


Should start considering running candidates there now in the upcoming assembly elections.


Is that not what the DUP wanted, look tough for a few days before securing the best possible deal for NI. How does this deal satisfy the EUs desire for hard borders though?


It doesn’t, this is bouncing the UK into a softer Brexit which is what most sane people want anyway.


At the end of this the UK will likely pay at least £40bn to have almost the exact same deal as when they were in the EU, except that they will have no influence in how anything is run.

They will have to accept freedom of movement and they won’t get to do any super-duper trade deals with third countries.



They won a “battle” against the Irish gov that their base lauds them for. They’re losing the war though


Emotional over rationale


Wouldn’t be like him.


How much are they paying currently to the EU? Net contributions minus what they get back in benefits.


Whatever it is, I dare say they’ll still be paying it at the end of all this.


Why would they be paying anything to an entity they are not part of?


Divorce settlement


We win guys


Confession time. I saw Helen McEntee on telly there during the week and thought to myself isnt she quite attractive

Shes after getting a good oul makeover recently


4 or 5 billion a year?


They won’t have to accept freedom of movement. You’re incorrect.