BREXIT thread


The war of the roses? Blur v oasis?


It’s been leaked to the media that May said at cabinet that she is unhappy with the number of leaks from cabinet.


We’re long past Monty Python levels of farce at this stage


2nd referendum vote happening now


Labour abstaining so doesn’t stand a chance


Also @Rocko the edit thing is bollixed


Hermann Kelly accusing Sinn Fein of inventing a fake Irexit candidate after he got caught rotten, the mad cunt.


314 to 312 loss on a vote for Parliament to take indicative votes on what they would accept.

Farcical by them.

Would have been nice if there were just a few votes out there to get it over the line. Just a few votes, how sad.


Delayed until 30 June


Death by a thousand cuts.


If the EU grant the extension the UK will have to have MEP elections in May right? Does that mean some of those running will be campaigning to not attend the European parliament? Should be an interesting campaign.


Not necessarily. If they are confident they can reach a deal by June 30th then they are looking at coming to some sort of arrangement whereby the current meps would stay in situ. However if the E.U. said fuck off and it’s two years or nothing, that’s a different story.


Apparently 7 votes wouldn’t make a bit of difference, not a difference at all.


Yeah absolutely non whatsoever.

At least Mary Lou is over in New York at a fundraiser though. Really helping Ireland there.


My humble opinion runs along the lines of Junker, Barnier and Tusk telling the fucking Tans it’s March 29th. as agreed, now shit or get off the pot.
That wouldn’t take too long to focus the minds of those fuckwits at Westminster and bring them to their milk.
We’re gearing up here for the finale of the league and the start of the championship and are tiring of this backs V forwards endless shite. It’s like training with endless hours of laps and no ball work at all. Bollocksology…


Nah. They have to be led along by the nose a bit more. They’d balk at that and it’s be no deal. Which no one is prepared for, especially us.


Two year extension will happen. By 2021, Brexit will be off the table. May as a remainer has done some job.


Gammonhead in the Question Time audience says if there’s no Brexit, millions of people like him who voted Leave will never vote again.

That would be a brilliant outcome.


It’s very entertaining tonight. Thought a fist fight would break out between the oul buck in the tweed and the dweeb in the pink. The level of ignorance in that studio is staggering.


Julia Hartley-Brewer should be publicly executed.