BREXIT thread



Did they ever open a pub in Dublin ?? They are wretched shitholes over .


4 in Dublin, 1 in Cork


They have undeveloped sites in Waterford and Carlow.


How can you tell a developed site from an undeveloped site in Carlow?


He’s a creepy bastard that Tim Martin, there’s an awful whiff of yew tree from him.


How can you tell an undeveloped Wetherspoons from a developed one?


The developed ones have forty something divorced cougars with boob jobs and hair extensions drinking cheap rose wine .


@The_Dunph would have loved that shit


Carlow is a lovely little town and I won’t hear a bad word said against it. On the flip side who the fuck goes to Whetherspoons to drink champagne?




Isabel Euphemia Jokeshop will be on Question Time tonight.

I’d like to think she’ll take a serious pasting due to her par in the Arron Banks/Russia story, but this is Question Time, so I expect the audience to be filled with pro-Brexit mentalists.


Latest poll is very interesting — Two different headlines from it. The establishment papers in Ireland run with BREXIT voters would rather see a hard border than stay in customs union… The Telegraph hones in on the fact that the majority of brexiters would rather cut NI loose than stay in customs union. Why wouldnt the Irish paper run with that angle?


Because it doesn’t suit their agenda


Of maintaining the union?


I think the easiest solution is the UK gives NI back to Ireland, along with guaranteed payments to help meet the costs of public wage bills, social welfare etc for the next 10 years while we integrate them with our own systems. Any people of unionist persuasion who don’t want to remain in a united Ireland should be given a small compensation package and free passage to the new world.


Maintaining partition


and the west solution?


Sticking your thumb up your hole


If we played it right the EU would fund all the costs of reintegration.