BREXIT thread


Ireland will never leave the EU as the Oirish are a servile race. Your point is ridiculous


Paddy getting his national budget approved by the EU first, the absolute shame of it


Exactly and yer man going on about no foreign interference in Ireland - you couldn’t make it up!


The Oirish are a very confused race


I see the EU expect Paddy to provide troops for their army in 2020


I hope their is a hard brexit, Paddy needs to be taught a lesson again, he’ll see who his true friends are. Britain.


Two lorries and a squad car.


Wait til they see what turns up.


Listening to this now. Enjoyable! Thanks for the recommendation.


Eire in thrall to every move Her Majesty’s government makes. What’s suddenly wrong with standing up on your own two feet in the world? Paddy should just swallow his pride now and re-join the Union and the Commonwealth.


No. Her majesty’s gubberment should stand in its own two feet and clear out of Ireland


Hopefully they will at least be able to get out of Syria by then.



very naïve by TUM


A child like suggestion.

Westminster is a British parliament there to make decisions for Britain … Irish MPs serve Ireland.


Who governs Northern Ireland.

DUP calling the shots while Sinn Fein run a
presidential campaign deliberately designed to lose. You could not make it up.

If Prime Minister May needs 7 votes to deliver a deal that keeps UK in customs union will Sinn Fein step up.


And Sinn Fein sending 7 Irish MPs to a foreign parliament would change the world? Dont be such an idiot.

Republicans standing in a royalist, colonial, parliament :rofl:


Clue is in the name - Member of Parliament. A republican member of a royalist colonialist parliament who draws a salary from it. It ain’t a foreign parliament as otherwise there would be no mandate or right to be elected to it.

You could not make it up.


he wants us to break our promise and when half the commons swtich side to oppose SF he thinks we wont be a laughing stock.

Deary me





One upshot of all of this idiocy from the english is that surely Hollywood will stop casting English actors as villians in movies.

The septics have always been in awe of an English accent as they automatically associate it with class and intelligence. If they are paying any attention to this hilarity, such stereotypical casting should really come to a halt.