BREXIT thread


They act on behalf of their constituents in dealing with UK gov, civil service etc. etc - why shouldnt they be paid for that? They are Irish MPs but they have no place in a parliament that makes decisions for Britain only.

The people of Fermangh/South Tyrone voted in an MP once and when he died Westminster changed the rules so his ilk couldnt get in again - and telling the nationalist people that we dont want your type here and we will change the rules to reflect that. Westminster has always acted against the nationalist population and you want them to go sit in their parliament, cap in hand?

The people in the north elect candidates not to sit there. Sinn Fein are doing as the people of their community wish.

Who are you to tell the people in the north how to live? Your kind turned your back on them long ago, what do you give a fuck?


Those holiday homes in Donegal don’t pay for themselves


Thanks for that. Excellent programme. SW got a fair scutching from his own, even if Jim from Hillsborough went all King Canute. The emotive nature of the DUP position, via SW, was laid bare.


40,000 jobs at stake in oireland, but Paddy the mick wants the eu to sick it to the British because of 800 years of oppression :joy:


nah bruv. all we want is for them not to violate the terms of the Good Friday agreement and start a war again in our island, 'innit, brap


the eu are the ones looking for a border mate


Multiples of that amount at stake in the UK, but John the Bull wants to stick it to the EU because they lost their empire after WW2.


the auld paddy narrative :joy:


We’ll take back the North, Gibraltar will starve to death and all ye’ll have left of the Empire is a few sheep on an island off the coast of Argentina.


Paddy can’t stand the thought of Britain standing up for itself after the humiliation he endured at the hands of the EU


the scot’s are even trying to get out of it


There will be a second referendum yet


Thinly veiled ‘I don’t give a fuck about Irish Seagulls on Rockall.’


We’ve already reclaimed Rockall


It must have dawned on the dup that they’re been offered a great deal, one which would bolster their position within the union. They’re just too bigoted and pig-headed to shift their position.


Paddy could be making a killing enticing snowflake firms from the city to Dublin but as usual is waiting for permission and playing mealy mouth as they want to stick it to the Brits.
Meanwhile juncker and barnier are hatching a plan to repay paddy with cpt levels coming in line with Europe. Paddy will still blame the Brits !


The Late Late show tonight is from London . Farage v. Alastair Campbell debating Brexit . Should be good given an unbiased moderator and a carefully selected balanced audience .


Exactly so. Graham, among the callers in, nailed this point. And he said he voted for Brexit.


I’d ride Arlene Foster to unite catholic/ protestant - nationalist/unionist.


I’d say it would be Arlene that would be doing the riding mate.