BREXIT thread


I’d take it for old Ireland, pal.


Wb would write a poem for you for that.


Withdraw your post or you’ll lose it in 24 hours


That’s some sacrifice.


How are you going to keep Johnny Foreigner out without a border?


How much in wages and expenses did they draw last year from this parliment


its not easy keeping two holidays homes in Donegal on the average industrial wage


Not enough… Like the bombing campaign, cause as much economic damage to the uk as possible.

They still represent their communities and constituencies… The money they are paid comes from their own voters.


So you dont know or just decided not to answer?


this “elected not to take their seats” horseshit really cracks me up, the Good Friday agreement was signed 20 years ago, and yet these assholes keep banging about moving forward, but still want to stay stuck in the past


How would I know? I’m sure the info is out there if you’re really eager to know.


I am. Find out there and come back to me


Ok give me 5 minutes.


Tick tock…



What’s really needed on tonights LLS is a self-made Paddy who found the crock of gold in London.

I’d be thinking in terms of a lad from the Western seaboard, who disenchanted with Ballyshithole and a mere £400 borrowed from his loving father, but boosted by a good breakfast in - lets say Finnegans - rocks up in London in the early 00’s and took it by storm.

Ascot, Longchamps, Glastonbury…all the world at his feet. Big black wans, small Asian wans, drink drugs and rock & roll this self made man has it all. Can he strike a blow for the Empire and tell the Irish nation to go and fuck themselves on prime time TV…We’ll see tonight at 9.30.


A Tom Doran for example .


Pity @Tassotti is in lahinch, he’d be the perfect successful paddy for the late late london show


I assume Richard Corrigan will make an appearance?


It’ll need one of them curvy half-moon tellies to display the fat cunt. Tho’ that said he’s not the worst.