BREXIT thread


Won’t it be super when England will be the first Muslim Caliphate in the Western world in 2 generations time, free from EU interference?


Under sharia law.


Ah well…swings and roundabouts as they say


At least this lad has some real experience of marriage, unlike the Catholic priests saying not to beat your wife and they wouldn’t know a real woman if one stuck a thumb up their hole.


Shit just got real


Accident my arse


The first of many more to come.


Fucking cyclists


The Brits are staying in the customs union. We win.


Sure I told you that months ago.


Or not. Still bickering like kids.


There’s no way out for May … Just accept the Customs Union with all UK + North Of Ireland included - which might be enough to keep the 10 DUP gimps on her side and keep her in power… or get a deal done with her hardliners that sees UK out of EU altogether and North of Ireland still in and let the DUP rot.

It’s gas to see colonial Britain bent over a barrel by a bunch of bigoted creationists :laughing: - it goes against everything the UK supposedly stands for.


Do you think they’ll shaft the DUP though? I’d love to see the smiles wiped off them this week…


She has two viable options and currently can’t get support for either of them. Option 1 is the island of Britain leaves the customs union but Northern Ireland stays in it - the DUP won’t accept this and her government will fall. Option 2 is the whole of the UK stays in the customs union - her cabinet won’t accept this. So that leaves option 3, the unviable option, hard Brexit.

I think Farage and the UKIPers would probably be happy to cut off Northern Ireland if the DUP weren’t propping up the government.


I’d say she detests the bastards - what right minded person wouldnt … but that’s fuck all got to do with it. There’s a hardline element in the Tory party that are going to fuck her over unless she brings the whole lot of the UK out of the EU, which she knows she cant do. The DUP are deranged and they’d fuck her over in a heart beat — they’re anti- logic, you couldnt work with them. Her best bet is to win over as many of her own rebels as possible and roll the dice and fuck the DUP.


I’d say corbyn would have to consider supporting the tories if it meant shafting the dup.


There would be civil unrest if they leave the Customs Union — it’s gotten to the point where joe public wont accept it, the facts have been laid bare and the UKIP/Brexiteers have all shown to be liars.


They are anti logic. A NI in and out of the EU would have huge oppportunties economically.


They just might … There’s no way Labour want Brexit on their hands — who would in fairness.


Brexit means Brexit.