BREXIT thread


I can see Arlene now — ''You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out … do the hokie pokie and you shake it all about…


Sad to see what’s happened to the FCO.


ok. ok … i’ll do it. Right after I shag Arlene i’ll do Theresa too.


My opinion is that once the EU farm subsidies stop, that alone would be enough to trigger mass rioting. Most of it directed at the DUP from protestant farmers.

You’re also looking at potentially queues at the border hours long.

One point that was made above, which is correct, is that a lot of people drive south across the border every day for work, but relatively few people drive north. I know people who work in Dublin who live around Newry believe it or not, and it only takes them an hour driving down the M1. If those people suddenly can’t travel because of delays at the border that could be a major disruption on the Southern economy but less so on the Northern economy.

If you think about things like that, livelihoods at stake, Arlene Foster is an AAUTCOAW.


It’s still early 20th century in the minds of the DUP — Blood red :rollseyes:


No matter what the UK/DUP does, if Dublin, or can Dublin dig in the heels, and say “no hard border”, and fuck the lot of them?
The DUP are getting right uppity recently and need put back in their box.


Watch what happens to Irish agricultural exports post brexit. The UK will be buying substandard food and the minute it shows up is Irish produce there’ll be repercussions


Leave means Leave


The Paddy’s can’t wrap their heads around it. If it was Oreland they’d have just done the vote again until they got the answer the EU overlords wanted


The tans would never admit they were sold a pup :grinning:




nothing is agreed until everything is agreed


@tassoti, is there any chance you’d change your avatar? That weasel faced little prick is taking up rent free in my head.


This is the level of stupidity you’re up against. These are the clowns running the UK and driving Brexit :smile:




I actually know an English lad living in Ireland a long time who has enough years here to get Irish citizenship but still can’t get one because the passport office are being such a pack of cunts, asking for household bills from years and years ago and so on. So he’s decided that he’s just going to marry his Irish girlfriend because that would be quicker.

Very very stupid question, can an English person just move over to Ireland without a job?


Right now, yes.

But dont ask me about welfare entitlements …


Cork will be hh Liverpool if Ireland


Clare will be the Clare of Ireland.


PLenty of them in Letrim and CLare