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Yes. And entitled to the dole. I know a fella who did it. Came over to work. Got hurt and couldn’t work. Got some form of dole/disability (they made him jump through load of hoops at welfare office) and then put him onto some fully funded pharma based springboard course

He has a decent job out of it now and pays tax so I suppose the system worked to get him employed. Albeit its an absolute cod that a tan can come over and get the dole.


A lot of Irish did it in London in the 80s


Mad that the passport office wouldn’t just fire out a passport for the lad after he said he was here for ages.


That was part of the UK’s issue with the EU, “benefits tourism”, which they helped to create.

The thing about it is though that EU immigration is actually more about singles moving to the likes of London. They are huge contributors to the State, bringing skills that ordinary Brits don’t have and are not large welfare recipients. It’s actually the ones from outside the EU which are the bigger issue. It makes sense when you consider it, people travelling that far will often bring with them dependents and may of whom are out of the workforce who will cost the State.

Of course, the differences between say a French and German immigrant versus an Eastern European one will still likely he stark, but that goes to the heart of being in an economic area where other economies are developing.


I was watching the BBC there on Sunday morning and I learned that there are currently 76,000 vacancies in the care industry. The Secretary of State responded that they would fill these vacancies with people from “other parts of the world”. Eskimos and Kalahari hunter gatherers will no doubt be queueing up to wipe the arses of British pensioners.


A UCL study found that EEA immigrants contributed an average of 300m pounds (net of welfare receipts to the UK economy) over 16 years to 2011 while non EEA immigrants cost 6.9bn annually over the same period.

It is bonkers to reduce the rights of the former whilst looking to increase the rights of the latter to make up that shortfall. Everyone admits that the UK and west as a whole requires labour plugs to fund the obscene pension deficits the welfare state has left us. The UK though are looking to bring in more costly immigrants and ones possibly not as skilled/not with the languages desired to bridge the gap. They’ll also likely be a bit too brown for the tastes of many.

Similar to trade, geography is still important.


There is clear logic to the DUPs position though. First and foremost they are a Unionist Party, hence their name. The Union is their raison d’etre. If the Union is broken or weakened they’ve failed and become irrelevant.

Second, they opposed the GFA from the outset so attempting to weaken it or destroy it should come as no surprise.

Third, coming back to what we sophisticates in the South may see as Medievalist, the fact is that when Britain leaves the EU the great Protestant counterweight to the overwhelmingly Catholic remainder of the EU is gone. I couldn’t see any basis on which a fundamentalist Protestant party could allow a situation where Northern Ireland alone of the parts of the UK would be subject to rules and regulations imposed by an overwhelmingly Catholic entity with no say over those rules. It would overturn 400 years of history and it won’t happen no matter how illogical it may seem from an economic perspective, if it is illogical at all.


Who’d have thunk it? An Irish government showjng the Brits how it’s done.


No point in the UK. They’ll have few businesses left to run.


My comment was more in relation to the rhetoric they are currently using - after all that’s happened, they are still going all fire and brimstone like they are on the verge of another covenant - their stance I can understand, but their failure to move with the times is laughable and Brexit has shown that the middle, or more moderate, Prods would be willing to turn their back on such hardliners to live in a modern, progressive society. It’s their backwardness towards the modern world that will be their undoing — but obviously, will continue to appeal to working class Prods and evangelical nut bags. A more moderate / progressive type of unionism would probably stem a United Ireland far better as most people are happy to live in peace with a chance at prosperity — the DUP makes everyone outside the hardliners and religious nuts feel like they are being oppressed.


I see the Brits are begging for another years’ extension :smiley: - This will still be going on in 10 years…




Were any of Tfk’s Anglophiles listening to the Today show on radio 4 this morning?

I believe Simon Coveney destroyed John Humphrys.




That’s PJ and Jim pal.


Niall Boylan? :grinning:


Have you a link to that please? It’s not in iOS


No missed it this morning. Helen McEntee was on the other week. Humphrey’s is a pain in the hole.


2:10:00 in.


Sadly that show and the BBC’s news output as a whole has gone into the toilet.