British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals



Hey if you’re a handaome bastard like i am then thats just the way its going to be


look at the abuse I have to suffer on here over my abuse, Ireland is a very backward place


A new type of sexual abuse ?


You are a fantasist.


I’m an independant thinking realist that challenges your myopic, insecure outdated views and beliefs


New type of perp


You are anything but a realist.

You are a fantasist who proposes pie in the sky theories that have zero substance to them, you are hoodwinked by cranks who openly target gullible people like yourself.

I’m a pragmatist, I need convincing - cranks run a mile from me because they know I’m not easy prey. You don’t persuade or entice me with buzzwords and alternatives, you prove them to me and if you can’t then it’s on your bike son.

You on the other hand?

“Hey Corkman”
“Yes bai”
“The earth is flat”
“Is it yeah?”
“Yes it is, do you want to buy my book about dogs in academia?”
“What’s it about?”
“It’s about the leading dog professors in Ivy League American colleges?”
“I heard that alright fella, they are more intelligent than humans”
“It’s €200 but I’ll give it to you for €20 because you look like an intelligent chap”
“Yerra go on so, sure it seems like a very insightful read”


You believe in a man with a beard living in the clouds.

Hoodwinked by cranks :joy::joy::joy::joy:



What do you mean by a new type of perp? You have said guards and councillors ( by which I assume you mean counsellors ) have told you women are becoming much bigger offenders (than men I assume) at some new type of abuse. You were discussing sexual abuse so just to clarify, are you saying women are now committing a lot of sexual abuse on kids? Bigger offenders than men at that ! Sexual abuse is pretty clearly defined in law so I’m just scratching my head here wondering what in the name of jaysus you are talking about.


Claiming to be “independent-thinking” is the new euphemism on this forum for being a nutcase.


We are all “independent thinking” so.


You have such a sad life its, well, saddening.


You set the standard mate.


You’d have to admire Eric’s tenacity at this stage of the game.


I spoke to God on the telephone last night.


heartbreaking to see Derek Bell there tonight, he is a victim, like me


Gradi linked to the cover up when he was at Chelsea.


Fuck sake