British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


I was on the tube there earlier… did you guys know I am in London? … Anyway, some chap was talking loud enough for half the carriage to hear saying how the Daily Mail contacted him about some guy that was on the British swim team with the loud mouth on the tube back in the 80s. Your man was done for molesting two girls but a few more have popped up it seems. TFK exclusive in the offing… I was gonna ask him had he ever been to Wexford but he was a proper Tan cunt best ignored.



Someone won’t be loving this



I just don’t understand how there’s so many nonces about the world



By the FA?
I assume the cops have had him in numerous times?

This cunt is as bad any of the paedos by facilitating it and making excuses. On the face of allegations and news stories and former players statements this guy should do time.


Yeah…can’t believe FA waited till now.


The FA should really wait for the police to finish their enquiries and for whatever falls out of that


like the GAA, an institution so slow to react for the fear of hurting somebody while ignoring the masses hurt.


You’d imagine that’d be the smart move. But like the Big Sam thing, they are a knee jerk organisation and will jump when they feel the media demands it.



All those lads thinking they didn’t make it because they weren’t good enough, turns out they just weren’t pretty enough…

One of the victims described how McCafferty had rubbed boot polish on one boy’s private parts.
McCafferty said he wouldn’t deny it happened.

"There’s that possibility it would have happened, yes.”

McCafferty would often strip naked and join the boys in the shower after the games.
He said at time he thought “no that’s not right” and “common sense” would come to him, but he added: “Back then it was normal, run-of-the-mill stuff, just playing the game. After a home win the excitement would be heightened.”

He compared some of the scenes in the dressing rooms after wins to a “teenage orgy”.

"Yes, that’s what it was like. It was a bit of fun and enjoyment for them to have, but as adults we should have used our brains and stepped in and stopped it.


vindication for @KIB_man


This is fucking unbelievable shit. BBC x million.

The whole fucking sport is riddled with it.


will the truth about the gaa ever come out?


Its kinda interwoven with the church shit.

There is no doubt a world of shit there as well. Been some sinister story in or around most the major clubs in Cork City at one point or another. In some cases people were actually arrested of even locked up, but in charges that had nothing to do with anything GAA. however their association and involvement with kids would have to make you wonder. Well i know it makes people closer than me wonder anyway.


Ireland is a fucked up country, there are perverts at every level, the ra was full of them, kiddie fiddlers and rapists


Our underage hurling coach was convicted of sexual abuse


Jaysus. Thats sad to have to deal with. Was there stuff directly related to the club?
Did ye have any suspicions?