British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


You need to calm down and stop being so sensitive. I’m only hopping balls and killing ten minutes.


Your better than that mate is all. much better. I’d have no problem if it was funny. It just wasnt


Parents here in Ballincollig didn’t go to anyone very recently about a guy just arrested in last week or two. Imvolved with local soccer. The abuse could be anything up to 20 years going on. A couple of guys and oarents have appearened now once this came out.

People are weak and afraid of the shame. Men in particular struggle with the fact that their son was not strong enough to refuse and kick up a fuss and/or they didn’t prepare the kids for it.

I wonder where that shame and guilt thing came from?


You’re really at the top of your game these days mate.


He’s achieved a clarity some of the fellas on here could only dream of. I can only assume he’s begun to finish his showers with 5 minutes of ice cold water.


Fair play Eric Bristle for exposing the lot of those money worshipping subservient useless no brain bitch cunts!


The Catholic Church are responsible for our guilty and weak mindset. Well, on a bigger scale believing in a hairy man in the clouds is responsible for that and thinking good and evil is pre-determined and in somebody elses control. But Catholism brought this to another level as did a couple of the more stern Protestant religions.

Thats undeniable.

There is alot of truth of what you are saying, in fact its all true really. However i firmly believe, while sex abuse and paedophilla would undoubtably exists anyway, that the Catholic Church is central to the whole attitude (which left more abuse happen) towards sex abuse.

Its still happening ffs, with all our awareness.

Apparently now, according to Gardai and councillors, women are becoming far bigger offenders and its a new type of abuse.


Thats very sour, grapes.



none of that happened




It happens every day.




I should know.


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Your lucky.


That it happens every day. I was a victim.


Or unlucky. Depending😃


Some days Kev it’s appropriate, some days it’s not.