British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


No not related to the club at all, the abuse was in his own family and would seem to have happened after they left the area, but you never know.


Ya true, always that wonder. However internal family stuff can often be less about peadofillia and more about asserting power. There may have been no interest in anything else.

Still, it can’t be easy square away with the fact you trysted the fucker for a ling time most likely.


The coach of the smithboro boxing club in Monaghan was jailed a few years ago iirc for being a paedo and molesting a couple of young lads in the club.


No I never liked the fucker. As you say, most likely a power thing, as I remember him being a prick and a bit of a bully.


Correct. To paraphrase a comedian, whose (CC @Bandage) name eludes me; “If I could draw a paedo, I’d draw Frank Mulligan.”


I’d have thought this fella from the “People of Fair Fingal” thread wouldn’t be far off


Who is he? He looks like a part-time clown so would have easy access to large groups of kids.



Ffs are you trying to get the site shut down.


I was sexually abused as a child from the age of 10-13 years, I find the whole paedophile scandal hitting the football world no surprise at all. In the 70s and 80’s when all of this was going on, the same time as I was abused, this was common place in the gaa too


Sorry it was a genuine mistake. I didn’t realise he was a friend of the forum. Thanks for the PM


I found it funny, pal.

Libellous? Yes. But funny? Yes.


The libellous stuff generally gets a top top reaction


British society is utterly deviant


Shame on those in charge at the time. Utterly disgraceful.


One of his victims on Channel 4 news earlier said Gary Speed was abused at the same time as him. Programme on later. Awful awful stuff


Disgusting club.


I wondered who’d be the first to use their ordeal to take a pop on the INTERNET


Bennell about to be sentenced. Daniel Taylor is the man to follow for it.