British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


He would have got 3 years in Oireland.


suspended sentence


Especially with all the character witnesses.


You can’t beat British justice.


Just putting this here.

If you believed that Barry Bennell sexually abused young boys and wanted to see him go to prison as a result, according to @TheUlteriorMotive, “you’re a child sex abuse cheerleader who wants young boys to have been sexually abused”, while @caoimhaoin says “you hope that child sex abuse took place”.

And so on with all manner of other similar cases.

Basically, the logic of these chaps is: if you want somebody to be convicted of a crime they committed, you wanted that crime to have taken place, you’re a cheerleader for that crime.

Honestly, I can’t believe these chaps haven’t made Senior Counsel already with this sort of reasoning.



Used to have onrale stats on Champ Manager 00/01.