British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


German football must be really shit.

I must check on how their teams have been doing on the world stage lately.


You appear to be, given your view that German football cannot possibly be entertaining.


does ability = entertainment now?

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Unsubstantiated bullshit that has nothing to do with reality.

The Irish are weak cunts who let child abuse happen for many years.

That is it in a nutshell, we can see in the UK how state broadcasters and football clubs are now being exposed as allowing it to happen. That had nothing to do with the Catholic Church. Government, law authority and judicial inaction has nothing to do with the Catholic Church. The Church might have been the most prevalent and accessible place for paedophiles to operate in that time but the problem itself was a deep rooted societal and cultural problem.



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You think its dreadful. I don’t, its a subjective thing kev. Do you ever get sick of having long arguments on here every day?


EPL Runt has gone to ground




So you are saying paedos decided to become priests as it would be easier for them to molest kids?



Impossible to say but on the preface it would certainly be a motivating factor that would allow them access to kids in an institution that Irish society was heavily vested in. The same reason why paedophiles may get involved with youth sports teams.


The magnitude of child sex abuse scandal in Italy is a million miles away than that of Ireland.


It’s easy enough to get involved in a sports team, but becoming a priest is quite a difficult road.

I’d be more inclined to believe that the solitary life priests lead leads to certain depravities rather than the theory you just posited there.


Who knows, I’m no psychologist.


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I think the reasons people watch it is not based on quality. Its “just something to do” while they waste away their lives


Being a paedo is a disease mate. Being celibate does not lead to having that disease.


That we know of, arguably. But its maybe just possible they are even more backward and weak. And its even deeper, more financially backed and less educated appetite for answers.


Going into it was seen as a cover


Or it may not be a cultural or societal problem in other developed European countries like it is in the UK or Ireland.