British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


This is why all you are in a stats man and do not understand the on the ground realities of sport.

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He was implying paedos joined the priesthood to get easy access to boys, is that something you agree with?


I said it could be a factor.


You are saying society and church are not intrinsically linked in Italy?


They are two different factors.

People have their own free will and are responsible for their own decisions.


What the fook are you on about now, you weirdo? :smile:


Sure what was the phrase when irish priests were met at the airport in sydney by that scumbag fella over there? “Are you here for the booze or the boys?”


You are too dumb for words.

When they spoke they were crushed, and even killed, for their silence.

You haven’t a bulls notion what you are on about.


I’m not about to defend the Catholic Church but they certainly aren’t the only organisation to blame in Ireland.

The percentage of abusers in the priesthood is apparently about the same as the general population. The pattern of abuse is different because it’s mostly males who were abused and because the people involved were authority figures which enabled them to prolong their abuse.

Ultimately most abusers know their victims well. So it’s mostly within a family. Outside of that, the ratios in care are terribly high. There was a study in Sweden suggesting that 50% of children in care had been abused. The Irish government outsourced much of the care to church organisations, hence the high numbers of abuse cases in both Catholic and protestant churches in this country.

It’s a problem for society, it was quite clearly covered up by authority figures (in sporting organisations, in churches, in governments, in TV stations) for decades. A horrible state if affairs, not confined to the Catholic Church but they obviously were an enormous part of the problem.


My argument is clearly a lot more rational and grounded in logic and facts than your idiotic, incoherent ramblings.

I have no idea what you are shitting on about here:

“When they spoke they were crushed, and even killed, for their silence.”

I am a person of my own free will, I am responsible for my actions. If I am subservient to a system of oppression I do not agree with and do nothing about it then shame on me.


They created and cultivated the culture. They controlled the schools, the GAA, had a huge hand in government and were all over local politicians and the cops. They had the money to do it and the psychopathic manipulation skills to manage the whole thing.

If you had an idea of rural Irish life in particular you would know this.

De Valera is at the root of all this.


What facts? Nobody has discussed facts here at all really.


It wasn’t unique to Ireland, Kev.

Dev or some priest down in Cork didn’t create the problem. The church controlled the institutions that are globally most likely to be centres of abuse. It’s obviously not an excuse or a defence, but it’s completely ignoring the root cause to suggest that the church created the pattern of abuse.


I gave you some statistics and you ignored them, suggesting you need to be from rural Ireland to understand.


It’s a fact that child abuse was not confined to the church in this country, it happened and was allowed to fester by Irish society. The government, the judicial system, the police and even those close to the victims were all guilty of inaction despite strong evidence to the contrary.

You laying the blame solely at the door of one organisation is absolute codswallop. I have asked you to compare the level and scale of child abuse in the church in Ireland to that of other major European countries where the church had a similar role in society. The only reasonable explanation to the difference in scale of the problem is that it is a cultural problem.

People like to bash the Church for their role and quite rightly, but is the height of ignorance to blame the church for the child abuse in Ireland, it was widespread and represented a cultural and societal problem in the country than the problem of an organisation.


Dev facilitated the whole thing.




It was a widespread church thing. Globally. Ireland barely a blot in these numbers


The archdiocese of Boston has the same population as Ireland.


Taylor is very critical of Gradi in his latest piece.