British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


Yeah it’s outrageous. Don’t think I was aware of the house being burned down and the two deaths before. Was he convicted I wonder?


He was. He may even be out by now.


Fucking hell. You couldn’t make it up. What a horrible cunt. He’s hardly out it would have been widely reported.

Shouldn’t be even considered for parole


Broadsheet did a good summary of the whole swimming chain of events.


Why do you think so many paedophiles ended up on swimming? Just the opportunity it afforded?

That timeline is enough to make your blood boil. The abuse is bad enough but the failure of the system subsequently just salt in the wound. Seems like Gary o toole was key to blowing the cover off the whole thing


I don’t know. But it doesn’t take many serial abusers (2 really in that case) to create an enormous amount of destruction.

I’d guess that there’s something in the nature of the sport that makes exploitation easier:

  • swimming costumes
  • unsocial training hours reduce chances of independent supervision
  • age profile of female competitors especially
  • amount of travel involved (particular overseas)

Anyway, it’s really all about the people in power in these organisations. When abuse is rampant and there is a litany of complaints then you expect intervention but clearly that hasn’t always happened. As unacceptable as it is, I think some of that is a product of its time. It’s unthinkable that parents wouldn’t go straight to the Gardaí these days. It seems like some people viewed this type of abuse as unpleasant but not criminal.

The Irish swimming experience is appalling on a whole other level though. I guess you have more chance of something being ignored if it’s very high ranking people doing the abusing but apart from Gary O Toole it’s a catalogue of horrific neglect.


Anyone found guilty of child sex abuse should get the death penalty.

And it should be rolled out across the world…


Good post. Your probably right. Sickening stuff


wow, someone shot him


Did they ever get that Gibney fucker that fled to America? Was he charged over there? Amazing they couldn’t get him back to Ireland. When it suits the yanks to want someone extradited to them they will move heaven and earth to get their man.


He’s living in Florida, only laughing at them, with a load of other sickos from Wexford


Darts legend Eric Bristow with some thoughts on the scandal:


Eric talking common sense there, I can’t understand these victims sometimes, why don’t they sort these cunts out something good and proper when they grow up?


Do you sort out yer man from the park bench episode?


Time for this sick abhorrent pastime to be banned. If it’s not gang raping incapacitated young women it’s each other they’re interfering with, and fellas on here worshipping them. You couldn’t make it up.


pdc (paedophile defending cunt)


Supposedly most abuse happens within the family, were power exists, mostly a father or maybe an uncle, ensuring the victim stays silent.

Most gaa/soccer managers of kids sports were/are Dads. Genuine good men and usually no abuse. No real chance of access and no power over the kids.

Swimming had access to semi nakedness. Is it possible these deviants saw that as a chance of access??

Priests or ‘brothers’ in industrial schools also had access but more so they had power. Is it unimaginable that these deviants saw this as a chance and enrolled/joined knowing they would have access to the boys and would have power over them?

What did the average parent say about those places? “Jaysus those poor kids in there” …I’d say they thought they were beaten, like in school back in the day, I doubt many thought they were being raped.

It only took one brother to rampage and it cause a huge amount of victims. So victims per abuser is much larger rather than one victim per father abusing be them a Solicitor/Accountant/Bin man.

I think @Nembo_Kid is right. The government subied out the welfare of children to the church and society turned their backs on them…"Jaysus those poor kids in there (thank God mine are okay). That sums up Ireland. Me neighbour can’t afford the rent and getting turfed out to a hotel with her kids but at least my house is increasing in value!

Paedos are deviants. It wasn’t the Catholic Church that caused it, it was the access and power it provided and these deviants used it for their sordid actions. That said, the Hierarchy didn’t deal with it or handle it, but then again neither did Crewe and neither did the political parties in Ireland.

Maybe society couldn’t/didn’t deal with these abuse cases in the 70/80’s.

Only today a victim of Eamon Cooke said she went to the guards years before the revelations surfaced that he abused kids and that she’d made a statement and it was ignored. Madness, if they’d have acted they would have saved numerous victims and that was the Gardai!

The Church wasn’t to blame, the deviants were. The greasy till and years of oppression that killed this country’s heart didn’t help things either.


Accurate post @Ebeneezer_Goode. Thank fuck things have changed for the better now.


Eric has cleared this matter up.


He’s got a great way with words has eric