British Footballs Child Sex Abuse Scandals


Despite Eric’s clarification, he’s been sacked by Sky Sports this morning.


Political creckness gone fackin’ mad, innit?


"Everybody that works on tv is frightened to say the truth because they are frightened to lose their job, life shouldnt be like that"
Quote from Eric last night




Eric Bristow, Chelsea supporter, hates football. Makes sense


What was Eric trying to say about the Rugby lads? Was he suggesting they were on the other side of this?


Image of eric being sent home with his tea in a mug


I think Eric Bristow MBE was trying to say the Rugby lads would be too tough to be sexually abused.


Huh? He’s clearly intimating that they were not abused because they were too busy bumming each other and playing soggy toast


Eric Bristow reacts to the controversy over his Twitter comments at 21:40 here:




100% mate. It’s written there for all to see.


I dont think there was anything clear about that rant pal. I wouldn’t be trying to align your narrative to poor ol Eric.


I’m just clarifying what the man said. I haven’t spoken to him in years so I wouldn’t say we are mates or anything.


You’re clarifying what he said? :grinning:


Looks like it was in the League of Ireland. Hopefully the peado cunts have been rooted out by now with the new rules and Garda vetting coming in.


Yes- Lot’s of people missing the main point Eric was trying to make.


Which was?


You should be embarrassed for yourself


Autumn internationals are nothing more than friendly matches.