Budget 2018


You use the same argument for why teachers get paid so much with the along with the huge benefits they enjoy. “Why don’t you go be one so?”

Yes we do have that society. You are disagreeing that there are people out there not working who could be working? Because you’re wrong if you are.


If you focused welfare money on pre school education you could make a difference. Within ten years. If you don’t think welfare money is wasted then walk around Dublin 1 early afternoons

Your principles are condemning people to live like that all the time. we have finite resources. Stop spending money on booze and fags and spend it on education



Have you jobs for them yeah? What support do you have for your arguments or am I supposed to be just engaging with a loads of waffle unsupported by facts or research?


Take the welfare off them as you suggest, what do you think will happen?


You get a focus. You get people looking for jobs as they are now better off. You get less people on the “disabled”.

Follow your argument and give them all twice the welfare so.

You know why welfare was introduced don’t you. To placate and keep the class structure intact - and stem the Red Tide. Money for a few scoops. Be grand. Fourth generation unemployed is a symptom.


Ah stop man. Although maybe you are so cocooned that you don’t actually know anybody outside of a grouping of middle class young professionals.


No that doesn’t happen at all.



Any facts at all? Estimates even? How many of these people that are able to work that you are so jealous of are out there and what are they costing the state? How many jobs are there out there crying out for these able bodied dolers to rock up and fill?


There’s a family who live near my home place.

Three generations of them living in the tax payer funded house. Never worked a day in their lives and never will. Medical cards, every allowance going. Must be raking in a couple of grand a week. No major outgoings. During the boom when places were crying out for additional staff they still didn’t work.

It’s people like that that sicken me, as a tax payer. Take, take, take. Getting extra money yesterday for doing fuck all. It does grate.

I’m not demonising all people on social welfare. The vast majority of people want to work to provide for themselves and their families. Like pretty much everyone on here I’d imagine, I’ve friends and family members who were out of work during the crash. Absolutely frightening scenario to face when you are struggling to pay the mortgage, clothe the kids, put grub on the table when there’s no money coming in. I know I’d not last long on €188 a week.

No sane or compassionate person would begrudge an increase in the carers allowance, an increase in the blind persons allowance etc.

It’s just the professional spongers, who are admittedly only a minority, who boil my piss. I’ve no free house, I’ve no medical card, I pay USC, income tax, motor tax and everything else. Like most people.


There was an interesting section on Morning Ireland yesterday about a study by Indecon into the impact of reduced welfare payments for single-parent families over the last couple of years. It showed that there was both an increased level of employment (i.e. positives) in the cohort but also an increased risk of poverty (i.e. negatives). It would seem to show both the potential benefits and risks of any program which uses reduced payment to incentivise people off welfare and towards the employment market. Definitely a complex area with many unintended consequences from any changes.


Increase the minimum wage and reduce social welfare.


They are all able to work mate otherwise they’d be on disability.


Dont be so sure, some of them really really like watching Judge Judy.


Not that simple. Increasing minimum wage drives employer costs up as other employees seek a similar rise. These costs are then reflected in higher prices causing an increase in the cost of living/inflation. Those who get a reduction in welfare payments then face higher prices with less money available.


Aid SMEs cope with rising wage costs with the welfare savings.

More people working = higher tax base and lower welfare costs.


Agree. But have you seen how SME’s are/were being treated? Breaking European laws to reduce MNC’s tax liability while fleecing indigenous companies through increased rates and maintenance of upward only rental agreements. Councils increased rates for SME’s’ during the crash to try and recover lost revenue from central government.


Who are the they all? Any numbers at all? Are these the lads that varadkar cracked down on? How did that work out? Have they covered the costs of his self aggrandising advertising campaign yet?


Or posting on internet forums




no dole or handout of any kind until you are 21.
no dole or welfare of any kind unless you have minimum your leaving cert completed.
re apply for your council house every 12 months and undergo means test.
abolish council house inheritance, entitlement dies with the original applicant.
single mother name the father of the child or fuck off.